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Bluehost Wordpress Hosting

When it comes to hosting a WordPress Blog, is one of the best option. One of The problem most bloggers have been facing over the years, is getting a good and affordable hosting plan for their Blog(s), I remember about 3 years ago when I started Blogging, I was Jumping from one host to another…
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Affiliate Marketing Ideas That Can make You Money


Hey Welcome to OnlineMoneyDon, in this blog post I will be taking you some cute ideas to make Earn Money online from affiliate marketing, it’s only affiliate marketing ideas that I will be dishing out and they certainly won’t make you money online until you put them into action. Just as you might have known,…
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How To Make a Smart Passive Income With Amazon Associates

amazon review site example

There are several ways by which one can make a passive income online, in this post, I will be taking you through how smart webmaster have been making money online passively from Amazon associates. What is Amazon Associate? Amazon Associate can be defined as an amazon affiliate account that allows webmasters and bloggers to make…
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The Best WordPress Backup Plugin

blogvault backups

It’s of great importance to know that the creation of regular automatic wordpress backup is an ideal thing to do for your wordpress site. Regular backups protects and blocks unauthorized attempts to log into your website or hack your password. Backups save you from unpleasant situations when your website gets hacked or when you mistakenly…
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Shocking Ways To Get More Traffic From Social Networks

just retweet for social media traffic

Often times, most bloggers do ask me how they can increase their Blog traffic and earn more money online. While there are various recipes for getting more traffic to your blog or website, this post will be focused on shocking ways by which you can generate more traffic to your blog with the Social media.…
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How Indians Earn Money Online & How You Too Can

niche marketing1

How To Make Money Online In India The concept of earning money online is the same everywhere, whether you live in India or Pakistan. But overtime, I get lots of special request from Indians asking me to write a special post particularly targeted for Indians on how they can earn money online. Before stating ways…
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Get Paid to Write Articles Online With Elance

elance skill

How To Make Money Online Writing Articles Do you know there are sites that will pay you to write articles online? If you have the passion for writing or you think you are good in writing articles, then you’ve just gotten yourself  an online Job. I have written several articles on how to earn money…
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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website?

cost of creating a website

The cost of building a website from scratch is one of the first question people who need a website for their business do ask me when they want to hire me and I think it is high time I created a post on the total ESTIMATED amount of money you will spend if you want…
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4 Top Best Pay Per Click (PPC)Affiliate Programs | Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

best ppc Affilate program

There are lots of various Pay per click (PPC) affiliate programs out there that allows bloggers to earn money online from Blogging from each click generated by advertisement codes inserted into their Blogs, while this might seem as a simple way to make to make money online, traffic is really very important, and without a…
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How to Recover from Google Panda 4 Update

kungfu google

Google’s latest algorithm update is called Panda 4 and it is aimed at preventing poor quality content from getting  into Google’s top search result, this post will be focusing on things I believe you should do as a blogger or webmaster  to  Survive  or help you recover from  the recent Google Panda 4 update. But…
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Best Online Job for 16 yr Olds

online job for 16 year olds

  I got my first online Job when i was 16 years and within months i was already making money online as a teenager, though it was an online Job, i didnt write any application letter before  i got it. Ever since i was a kid, i have always dream of running My own business  I…
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