How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

Before now, I’ve written several posts on how affiliate marketing, but yet, I keep getting emails and phone calls from people asking me How they can start an affiliate marketing business and earn money online, so I decided to write this post so that it can benefit and serve as a guide to anyone who want to earn money Online with little or no investment via affiliate marketing.

My believe is that anyone is who reading this post already knows what Affiliate Marketing is and how it works, if not, I will recommend you read:

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Know that you know what affiliate marketing is, how can one start an affiliate marketing business and earn Money Online. There are 3 steps involved in starting an affiliate marketing business, Viz:

  1. Choose an Affiliate Marketing Network
  2. Choose A Niche
  3. Choose A Product
  4. Promote the Product


Choosing an Affiliate Marketing Network

There are hundreds of affiliate marketing network on the internet with different policies and different types of products that you can promote. While Some are good for the promotion of E- products, others are good for the promotion of Household and Official Goods. While some allow marketers from the world over, others do not. So as an intending “internet marketer”, it is left for you to decide which affiliate marketing website, you should join. Don’t also forget to do some back ground check on the affiliate site you are choosing and make sure they do not scam marketers. I’ve heard of several instances where some affiliate sites refuses to pay their users their accrued commissions, so you need to be sure the affiliate Marketing Network is a paying one. One other thing you must consider while choosing an affiliate marketing website is its payment method, some pay via checks and direct bank deposit while others pay via paypal alone. And as you might have known, PayPal does not accept users from all part of the world, so it will be silly for someone who lives in a country where PayPal is not allowed to sign up with an affiliate Marketing Network that pays via paypal ALONE. Of all the affiliate Marketing Network, Clickbank is my favorite. Be sure to Check Out My List of the Top Paying Affiliate Networks, you should also check Out Ana’s Best Affiliate Marketing Program That Pay.


                Choose a Niche

affiliate marketingTo start an affiliate marketing business, you must ensure that you choose a niche with a very high demand. The higher the demand, the more the money you are likely to earn from your affiliate campaigns. To earn money from affiliate marketing, you must ensure that you choose a Niche in which people are Hungry for a Solution to their problem. Find products that can give them Solution and they will gladly jump at it. The health niche and making Money Online Niche are two great Niche I will recommend for anyone planning to start an affiliate marketing business.

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                Choose an Affiliate Product

After choosing a niche, the next thing is to choose the product or Products you will love to promote. But as  a beginner, I will advise you start with just a single product. All you need do is to login to your affiliate marketing network, look through all the products that are available for your Niche. Make sure you visit the sales page or landing page of any product you plan to promote. You need to ensure that the sales page is captivating and is capable of bringing in Customers. The problem most affiliate marketers make is that they choose products just base on the percentage commission they will make from each sale. This is wrong. You have to ensure that:

  1. The product will satisfy the problem of your Buyers:  Put yourself in the condition of a buyer, how frustrated will you be when you discover that a particular product you bought online does not fulfill the main reason why you bought it. So as a marketer, it’s your duty to ensure that the product you are promoting is of high quality and that the seller fulfills all the promises he/she made in the sales Page, one means by which you can ascertain this, is to buy the product yourself before Promoting it
  2. That the Seller as a Captivating Sales/Landing Page: You must also ensure that the page you will be redirecting your potential buyers is one that is capable of luring them to buy the product. Of what importance is a good product when there is no good sale’s Page to market it?
  3. Commission: One other criterion you should use while scrutinizing the affiliate product you’re planning to promote is the commission you will be paid for each sale. This should be your last criteria and not the first. There are affiliates product that pay as much as %70 commission on each successful trade that is made via your affiliate link, while others like Amazon, pay less than 5 dollars, so it’s left to you to choose products with high commission having ensured that such product met the first two requirement.


Promote The Product

The only thing that separate a good affiliate marketer from another is the method or way in which they use for promoting their affiliate product. Over the years, the following methods have worked perfectly for me when it comes to promoting affiliate Products:

  1. Blogging: Be it as it may, Blogging remains the most efficient way for anyone to promote his/her affiliate product. It involves the creation of a Blog and then promoting your affiliate products on the blog using the blog post for the review of the affiliate products or by displaying ads for the affiliate product. It really very easy to start an affiliate marketing business as a blogger, it helps to reduce the cost of promotion, thereby Increasing Your ROI, since all you need of is to write Seo optimized articles, follow few Seo rules and you start getting targeted visitors via the search engine. So if you have a blog already and you are yet to start using affiliate marketing for its monetization, then, its time to start and for those who don’t have a blog, create a Blog now or Hire me to design One for you
  2. Advertisement: This involves the use of ads for driving traffic to your affiliate sales page or landing page. Most affiliate marketers use Facebook and Google ads to drive traffic to there affiliate link. I’ve tried both Google adwords and Facebook and based on my experience, I think Facebook ads is easy to create and they also convert more than Google ads, so read My Post here on how to Advertise On Facebook For Free.
  3. Other Promotional Methods: There are also other promotional methods that can be used to drive traffic to a sales page, one of such method is Email marketing, which involves sending emails to your Potential customers and then luring them to buy your affiliate Product. Forum Posting, Solo Ads are also some other ways to drive traffic and make Money from affiliate marketing.

So to recap it all, if you want to start an affiliate marketing business, you have to register with an affiliate Marketing Network, choose a Niche in which you will Love to focus On, Choose a Product and then promote the product using any other promotional method above. Since, it’s a Business, be sure to draw your Business Plan periodically and always ensure that you stick to it.You can also check out my Post On How to Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Earnings.

More also, you won’t become a Millionaire overnight with affiliate marketing, like any other business, you are Bound to fail. The more you fail, the more you acquire more experience. Do not give up. I have to stop here, it’s time to watch my favorite Program, Victorious, On my favorite Channel, Nickelodeon, DO have a Nice time.

Before i finally sign off, i came across a website that teaches People how to become great affiliate marketers and i think you should check it out Here. 

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Dennis Hooper is an internet geek, specializing in affiliate marketing and other online money making strategies. He helps individuals to earn money online through legit and proven methods.


  1. Affiliate marketing is just an easy and quick way to earn money online from home. The above blog contains great information to start an affiliate business. I am also an affiliate marketer and working with an affiliate business since last 6 months and really earned much more money.

    1. Lessliez,thanks for coming to,not building is a list is one the painful mistakes most marketers including me made,at the start oc theircareer

  2. Hi Prince,
    As usual this one is also a nice post. I agree that choosing a niche is important. I believe that the Blogging niche is overcrowded now. It has reached the saturation level in terms of the figure of number of bloggers in it. Hence, the competition seems tough. But at the same time people try visiting each others blogs. And, hence it have nurtured a huge and strong community.

    1. Thanks for commenting Jakes,blogging is really becoming more competitive and its only those who are serious and dediated to it that will survive

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