Affiliate Marketing Ideas That Can make You Money

Hey Welcome to OnlineMoneyDon, in this blog post I will be taking you some cute ideas to make Earn Money online from affiliate marketing, it’s only affiliate marketing ideas that I will be dishing out and they certainly won’t make you money online until you put them into action.

Just as you might have known, am not a fan of Get Rich Overnight Schemes,  I believe in hard work and determination.

The Affiliate Marketing ideas that I will be dishing out will be more applicable to bloggers that actually plan or are already making money Online from their blog through affiliate marketing, if you are not a blogger yet, then I think its high time you became one.

Blogging is one of the safest means to earn smart passive income online, when I say smart passive, I am referring to an income that will keep coming with just an initial effort. For example, when a farmer plants a tree, watering it and providing it with necessary fertilizer becomes his Onus, but at a certain stage, the tree will keep growing without the farmer dedicating much time to it again.

So when you also Create a blog, making money from it becomes hard at first, just as the tree the farmer plants will also not start producing fruits instantly, but with dedication and consistency, your Blog will also start making  You Money with little effort.

In one of the Blueprint I purchased recently titled AffiloBlueprint Course, the author gave numerous  ideas that can allow you to make Money online from affiliate marketing, I will be sharing with You just 3 of such affiliate marketing ideas, and once You follow them, then I can guarantee you success in Affiliate Marketing.

Idea 1: Build a Blog That Makes You Money

affiliromaJust as I have said earlier, AffiloBlueprint Course also recognizes the need to create a Blog if you truly want to make money from your affiliate marketing passively. With your Blog, you can write educative articles on any subject matter that you are good in or that you think you have passion for. And as, such, you get readers from the search engines to your Blog ,once you follow the basic search engine rules. AffiloBlueprint Course also explains how to get More Traffic to your Blog and simple ways by which you can develop a relationship with your Blog readers so that they can trust you and Buy any Product you recommend for them from you via your affiliate Url. Its such a great idea that can make You Money Online. SO what are you waiting for?  Create a Blog Now or Hire me to Create One for You, and if you have a Blog already, the rest of this affiliate Marketing Ideas are for you. Check out Neil’s Post On Content Marketing Features You Should Know 

Idea 2: Focus On Email Marketing Not Banners

One of the reasons why most bloggers don’t make Much Money Online is that they fail to build an email List but rather, they keep focusing on banner ads. An email list is a List that contains email addresses of your Blog readers; it allows you to mail your Blog readers often and often and helps in developing a relationship with them. Most Bloggers build blogs without collecting email address of their Blog readers, what they fail to realize is that a reader that comes to your Blog once might never come again, but collecting there email will make it easier for you to lure such a reader to come your Blog often and often, and as such, it will help increase your Blog earnings.

So AffiloBlueprint Course suggest that instead of placing lots of banners on your blog, place an opt in form, so that people can sign up to your email list.

You can use free eBook or software download as a bait to lure your blog readers to sign up to your email list. Once they sign up, you send them to them the Link to the download page you promised and with that you can mail them again and again about your offers and any other thing that you think they might be interested in.

Setting up an email list is simple, you can sign up for Mailchimp’s Autoresponder Platform, its free for your first 2000 subscribers.

Generate Traffic From Google

Apart from building an email list, one other affiliate marketing ideas that can make you Money is generating traffic from the search engines. The author of AffiloBlueprint Course went into detail on how any Blog owner can generate traffic from search engines and convert such traffic into a source of passive income. Search engine traffic is easy to get once you know the basic rule to follow, and unlike social network traffic it as a high conversion rate. AffiloBlueprint Course went ahead to explain some white hat tricks that most bloggers don’t know when it comes to generating traffic from Google and other search engines, you have to forgive me, I won’t tell you those white hat tricks that Most Bloggers neglect, if you need them, get a copy of AffiloBlueprint Course  but here are some other things I believe you should know when it comes to getting Blog Traffic.


  1. Do Keyword Research: If truly you want to generate traffic from the search engines, then you should always do keyword research before writing any post. With Google’s keyword planner, Keyword research is easy. The essence of doing keyword research before writing any post is that it allows you to know how many times a certain keyword is being searched for On Google and how competitive it’s going to be to get ranked for such keyword on the first Page of Google.
  2. Avoid keyword Stuffing: You don’t have to over use a particular keyword just because you want to get ranked for it on Google. Don’t exceed a keyword density of 4% while writing on any keyword, in fact, I don’t exceed 3% , and  most of my articles are doing pretty well On  the search engines
  3. Build Back links: the importance of back link building cannot be under estimated when it comes to getting ranked on the search engines, most bloggers actually know that, but how and where to build back links is what they don’t know; AffiloBlueprint explains the importance of backlinking building and how to get them without stress. Read Ana’s thought On Doing Link Building For Seo Here



affiliroma videosSo the affiliate marketing ideas I listed above will surely make you money if you follow them, remember what I said about taking actions the other time. If I were you, the first action I will take right now is to lay my hand on AffiloBlueprint Course so that i can have access to the full tutorial on Affiliate Marketing Ideas That Can make You Money, then implement them. Get AffiloBlueprint Course here now and get a 1-month trial to Lots of Affiliate Marketing Tools in addition to the access you will have to Lots of Affiliate Marketing Videos.

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