Plugins To help back Up Your WordPress Blog For security Reasons

Wanna backup your wordpress blog but don’t know how to have you been searching for the best plugin that can automatically backup your
WordPress blog without any stress? well,in this post,i will  teach you how you can backup your WordPress blog with and without plugin.

It is always good to have a backup of your wordpress blog as these will assist you to recover all your blog poss and blog setting t should  in-case something goes wrong. just of recent, a blogging pal of my installed a WordPress theme on his wordpress site and unknown to him, the WordPress theme was  corrupted, before we knew what was happening, over 1000 posts was lost  and unfortunately for him, he didnt have a backup of his posts, and that was how his blogging career was affected. Where did he want To start From?

So in a nutshell, its always good to backup up one”s wordpress Site or blog occasionally, most bloggers advise that you do these backup on a daily or weekly basis. Although there are some hosts, such as Namecheap which backs up every  website that is hosted with them such a backup should not be trusted as it is done on a monthly basis, so its better you backup your blog and save the file On your hard drive or removable disk for security reasonsback up


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Backing up your WordPress without A plugin

To backup your wordpress without plugin,login to your wordpress admin panel,then go to Tools>export>All content and then
download,once downloaded,then your blog as been backed up,anytime you wanna upload it,just go through the same process but
instead of export choose import and then upload the downloaded file.

Backing Up Your WordPress blog With A Plugin

To backup your wordpress Blog using Plugin, the best plugin for backing up your blog is WordPress Database backup,all you need do is to login to your wordpress Plugin page and then search for it, after searching for ”WordPress Database backup” WordPress Database backup” you will need to install and configure it to Update your Blog automatically

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