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4 Top Best Pay Per Click (PPC)Affiliate Programs

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  1. Hey Dennis, You shared important thing fro all blogger and you could write it like a pro blogger!
  2. wow! great one boss i saw this topic today on google 1st page and i decied to show appreciation by coommenting here, its really nice knowing that u still rank real good on google 1st page
  3. i need an advice on ma blog site...bin using bidvitiser 4 months ad has nt even got paid 1ce.....what is the best to use turned down my application when i applied initially.,and since den resubmiytin has been an issue,
    1. Hey,Kobi,thats really saddening,did Adsense give you any reason who disaporioving your application? if they do,i will ensure you fix it and then reapply with another email address, i will also advise You make your Blog look more professional, get a .com domain name ( we can help you with that for a Little fee)and write Epic contents.
  4. i have tried openeing another gmail account...even 2 times and trie replying...buh seems as tho ma blogger account has been blocked,,,i made a mistake of submitting ma website witha typographical error ...excluded a dot they said in their reply from google that the site was either down or doesnt exist,,,meanyl it was a case of missing a dot in the url'so hw cld i go about thias beacuse the blog is up ad running buh and wld like 2 continue on the blog site,thanks.
    1. wILL YOU mind providing me the url of the blog in question?
      1. the url in question is
        1. How will you get accepted into Adsense when you have Pornography on your Blog? didnt you go through the adsense Policy?
  5. how can i make gud money 4rm ma blog,,,,,bin using it 4rm the past 4mnths nw i av not recvd a dime 4rm n monetizer...initially used bidvertiser,,,buh they av not even given me a dime for the past 2 mnths ,,,wat other alternatives are there ....
  6. i have never used ma blog 2 promote p^^^n of n sort ....guess it was a post i put der on 1 keith ceo of a heart foundation ......dat she was shown on her pink was a post i posted.dunno if ders sunfin else dats showing der dat connotes p^^^n!
  7. i see ypour information is good. bandonaija is barely 2 months old and our ranking has grown so high.. i want to monetise the blog please i need good adsense better than google those that pay in naira
    1. I can see You are Using Addynamo,chitika, and adsense on a single blog,that alone will affect your earning, why not choose just one of the three network and focus on it, and addynamo is the only ppc network that pays in naira, you can also try, but avoid having too many ads running on your blog,hope i have answered your question
      1. ya probably.. i only just added addynamo, chikita yesterday on www.bandonaija dont really know much about then just experimenting can i get your personal email, tel or BB Pin
  8. hello gudday,how are you and how are things cuming along,i really have not heard 4rm u since the last mail u sent,ma bb was stolen like 2wks after that last contact,so am out of the bbm platform for now,buh u cld add me up on whats app 07036701769,or facebook,kobi patricks!i really still need ur counsel as to what monitizer i could use thats beneficial 2 me,all the 1s i av been using they av nt paid me a dime for the past months .so plsss hit me up,asap!tanx!
    1. Focus on traffic before disturbing yourself with ads!!! how many daily page views are you getting daily
  9. Pleas Suggest Me Any Good CPC Ad Network Which Pays Good For Traffic 1000+ UV. I Am Using Adsense But Want To Monetize More.
    1. I think will be great, it is owned By Yahoo and Bing, I'm curently using it on this Blog and the result as been fantastic
  10. This is a awesome post. this post is help for us. I really Like this. Thanks a lot. Take care
    1. Hey Heley,its a pleasure seeing you here. I'm glad you enjoyed the post
  11. I am new in blogging and searching for pay per click affiliate program from last some days. Thanks for this post.
    1. Hey Kumar, welcome to the blogging world. Do let me know if there is any problem you are facing with your blog, I'll be glad to help you.
  12. Thanks for this wonderful pay per click affiliate programs, hope to get registered very soon! Thanks a lot!
    1. Hey lavanna, What a nice Amazon review site you've got. Do you write the content manually or they are being spinned?
  13. Great post... Can you help me to boost my blog traffic?
  14. Thanks for this great post molak. How can i boost my blog traffic?
  15. Dennis, very nice post, it has helped me finalise my ppc network... thanks once again. Best Viinod
  16. Hey Dennis, thank you for such a post - it have really made me realize how can I brilliantly monetize my blog, I am glad you are out there Dennis....
  17. is it allowed as per google policy to have chitika and google adsense on same post or website?
    1. Hi Viinod, its allowed to have more than one ads publisher on your blog, the only side effect is that your visitors will have several ad iption to click and that will decrease your click through rate
  18. I feel PPC ads success has a lot with ad placement as much as content. I'm an adsense fan but on the other hand known several people who woke up in the morning, opened their adsense account just to find they have been shut down (most for no "real" reason). After hearing several horror stories my guard is up and back up plans are made, My favorite one is so far I have had a lot of success with their ads and my account manager is constantly notifying me of new things and recommendations. A+ customer service! Try even contacting google....
  19. Dennis please i used to promote campaigns for mylikes and leapviral because i do not have a website of my own, but recently i have been facing difficulties....please could you help me with another affiliate program that does not require a website that i can promote campaigns
    1. hello Dammy,You can try signing up on clickbank, but you will need a payoneer card to withdraw your earnings, there are hundreds of products on clickbank, all you need do is to pick one or two, promote it heavily to the right audience and you get a commission for each sale,btw, why dont you want a website of your won?
  20. Good article about pay-per-click affiliate programs. Thanks for giving detail understanding.
  21. Hello. I have facebook page about manicure and nail-art with 14 700 fans. I want monetize my page. What are the PPC affiliate programs for facebook you know?
    1. Hello Vladislav, There are no PPC ads for facebook page, but I will advice you to sign up with clickbank and amazon and share your affiliate link to some of the product that you think will be useful for your fans, for example, you can share a link to a nail file on Amazon, so you get paid a certain commission for each order that is made by by your fans, but I will advice you to increase the numbers of fans that you have
  22. Hello You have listed top best paying PPC programs. Really these are good enough to make good income from blog.
  23. Hi Dennis I just read your article about Best PPC affiliate programs its great post thanks for sharing this :) Going to use soon
  24. do you know any cpc link affiates plz
  25. I heard about byesellads before and must say this is a great affiliate program to monetize aur blog traffic......thankz for sharing
  26. Hi price , I applied for google adsense and have been fully approved from the approval email I receive from google and promotions emails I get daily but the issue I have I is that google ad only show blank space on my blog.... Pls what do you think I can do by blog is
    1. Hey Adeola, Dennis here. I checked your website. Not sure what the issue is. You can email me the details to Your site has good potential but you should take care of these things first: 1. Build a professional Wordpress site. The current one is blogger and it is not at all looks professional. You need a custom theme, logo, fonts, pages etc to make a professional good looking website 2. Avoid the clutter ads. As I mentioned, focus on building a user friendly website first then add the advertisements in an optimized way. 3. Too much ads can lead to you to AdSense suspension. Focus on user experience first. If you need any help, please feel free to email me '' Cheers, Dennis
      1. Its because google ads has refuse to work that was why I left the ads you saw on it and some settings

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