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By Dennis Hooper | Work from Home

Feb 19

The New Year often brings in new hopes, goals and wishes and for someone who is an aspiring entrepreneur, this might bring in some new ideas of a business. But now that it’s February and everyone has forgotten their New Year resolutions, it’s time to plan something new for 2014. Are you wondering how you would start off with a business organization and stay on track of your household finances? If you check out some of the business trends that were pretty common in 2013, you will see that most of them will be a great fit for a mompreneur. With the downturn in the economy, too many moms or rather stay-at-home moms have been wondering about some or the other options through which they could establish a steady source of income with which they could support their family and spouse. In fact, it is the downturn that has opened the gates to a brand new generation of mompreneurs who are too innovative and also tech-savvy at the same time. So, if you’re a stay-at-home mom looking for new options that can help you boost your income and support your spouse, here are some options that you may take into account.


Boost Your Creativity Through the Online Writing Opportunities

download (4)Women are usually considered to be creative enough and all those who are good with their writing skills can easily turn this into a means of earning as there are too many website owners who are waiting for professional writers who can help them with relevant articles for their websites. You can negotiate with such webmasters and write for them so as to earn enough money and use it to repay your debt obligations. However, for that you need to decide the field in which you can write comfortably so that you can flourish with whatever you write. I personally know lots of women who are earning money online through Blogging one of them is Harleena Singh from Aha! Now, she wrote a post recently How Freelance Writing Changed Her Life,   so if you think you have good writing skills and would love to be an online writer, why not check out Bamidele Onibalusi’s Blog on How to Start a Freelance Writing Business in One Hour a Day,you can also check the post i wrote last year on Websites That Pay You to Write

Be a Web Designer

The internet has recently become one of the most powerful tool and almost all big and small business owners maintain their web portal in order to be seen in the world wide web. In order to maintain and design these websites, the companies require web designers and also pay them very well in case they like their work. So, if you’re a stay-at-home mom who had once learned HTML, CSS, PHP, CSQ, you can certainly use it in becoming a web designer and earn money in order to support your husband. Web designing is not hard and there are various online web designing class you can attend, you receive tutorials and softwares that will make you a pro in web designing, of all the web designing class online, i think you should register with MlWEBCO, Click here to Create An account With Them for Just $ 89

Become An Online Fashion Designer

You need not have a big degree from a big institute in order to become an online fashion designer. All you need is the instinct with which you can design things. If you have that added instinct through which you can design clothes and gain compliments from it, you can easily become an online fashion designer or consultant. You can put together your wardrobe pieces for all the other ladies and this can certainly be a pretty exciting job. Tell people what else could suit them best and make them look better than what they are. To achieve this i will recommend you start an Online Fashion Blog,check out My Post On How to Start A Blog to learn the rudiment of Blog Opening

Start Online Tutoring

Another good option of making money and paying off debt is online tutoring. You might have been excellent in a particular subject and now it is the time to sell your talent, to spread your knowledge on a particular subject and enlighten other people who are in need of it. Always opt for the subject you’re comfortable with and all you would need to do is to share files with students, employ some kind of interactive tools and also answer all kinds of queries of the students. Just make sure you have the degree so that you’re not answerable to anyone in the long run. You can also create a membership site where you lecture people and charge them a token monthly. Get Your Own Membership Site secret Ebook here for just $15

Be A Social Media Freak

The social networking websites have always been the hottest part of the web and if you’re still not active there, you’re definitely lagging behind. Most of the mompreneurs are coming up with new ideas of getting busier online. Whatever business you may have started, you won’t get enough profits unless you boost the visibility of your website. Whether it’s online tutoring or online fashion designing or even designing your own website, the social media is perhaps the best platform to market your skills and gain traffic to your website. Create commercial pages in websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and start interacting with people. Ana Hoffman as a great post on Social Media marketing, check it out here

Plan Events Online

Hire someone to design a website for you that caters to the event management and try gaining clients who are in need of such planners who can help them organize a wedding, an anniversary party or even a birthday party. ( I am a great designer and i can design such website for you,check out my Hire me Page and lets negotiate). Take down the details of your clients like their contact numbers, check out new venues, do some homework on the best pricing and also research on how you may charge your clients. Being a homemaker, you ought to have interest in organizing occasions and helping people with a successful marriage.

Write Books And Sell Them On Amazon

Are you an expert on something? Do you love to write? Have you been waiting for opportunities to publish your own book and sell it? If answered yes, now is perhaps the right time to do so. When you’re already in need of money and you have enough time (since you’re staying at home), you may find it easier to concentrate and write a book. Choose a subject that you’re fond of so that you can give in your 100% into it. After you complete writing the book, you can sell it off on Amazon. However, you need to make sure that it required being an e-book in order to sell it off online. Get someone to proofread and edit the e-book for you so that you can offer something flawless to your readers. Learn How to Make Money Selling On Amazon here


So, when your personal debt obligations are soaring day by day, you can take into account the above mentioned options through which you can earn money and use it to repay your debts. Apart from the above mentioned options, you can also join the different affiliate programs that cater to different kinds of services to earn a steady source of income and help your family live a life that they’ve always dream of.


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