How To Buy Liberty Reserve

When it comes  buying  liberty reserve funds ,most people using liberty account reserve here in Nigeria and the world over  are confused on which of the liberty reserve exchangers they should buy from. Just this afternoon, I receive a message from a friend of my who is from india on facebook, guess what he asked?

“He was asking me if it is possible to fund his liberty reserve account with his PayPal or debit card”, it was not until I redirected Him to an earlier post that i wrote on  liberty reserve that  he fully understood how liberty reserve account works, if you don’t know what liberty reserve account is, then, I’d suggest you read: What is liberty Reserve and How does it Work

Now, since you have opened a liberty reserve account, how can you buy liberty reserve funds? As you must have read in the above post the only way to get money into your liberty reserve account is by buying from liberty reserve exchangers or by making Money Online into Your account.

Liberty reserve exchangers are paid in your local currencies and they fund or sell the equivalent of such amount into your liberty reserve account.

Best Liberty Reserve Exchangers

Either you are from india , Nigeria or any where in the world and you need to fund or buy liberty reserve money. There are exchangers in your country who can easily do that. I wont be appropriate for me to start listing exchangers in each country, but here is a list From liberty reserve itself to the list of verified exchangers they have all over the world, all you need            hhh do is to look for an exchanger in your country or continent and order for your liberty reserve account from Him, you can check the list here.

Its not advisable to order from just any exchanger, we have lots of liberty reserve scammers out there

Buy Liberty reserve With Paypal, Debit And Credit Card?

It is not possible to buy liberty reserve money directly with your paypal, debit and credit card, but, different exchangers as different form of payment, so there is a probability that some of them might actually accept credit card and debit card as a form of payment for those who want to buy liberty reserve, but here in my country, Nigeria, most of Our exchangers make use of direct bank payment.

Have you ever heard about making money online into your liberty reserve with HYIP or online investment? If yes have you try them and are they real? If no, watch out for my next post on how to make money online into your liberty reserve account

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    1. Thats awesome John! I will also check out m-gold to See how reliable they are.
      On a similar note, Have you ever met anyone who told you they are Making Money With Liberty Reserve? If yes,will you mind telling us how they have been making it

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