Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

Clickbank is the largest digital market place online where one can easily buy and promote affiliate Products. In this post, I will be giving you a tutorial on how to earn money online through affiliate marketing with Clickbank products.
There are two sure ways to make Money Online from Clickbank, its either you are selling your own products or you are promoting other people’s product, in this Clickbank tutorial, I will be focusing more on the latter- Selling Affiliate Product with Clickbank through Internet Marketing.
Listed below are the requirements for making a passive income from Clickbank marketing.

Build a Blog

Making Money Online is much easier when you have a Blog. Over time, I have written several Post On How to Set up a Normal Blog , those steps are not quite different from Building a Clickbank Marketing blog . The first thing you need to do before Setting up your Clickbank marketing Blog is to choose a Niche you will love to target. Health, Make Money Online, Entertainment and Tech, are one of the best Niche out there. You should read my Blog Post On How to Choose a Blog Niche before you finally settle for One.
After choosing Your Niche, then , the next thing you should do is keyword research. Keyword research allows you to know what people really want and how many of them really want it. If you are the serious type, I will recommend you get a Copy of Long Tail Pro for just $17 per month, it’s the best keyword research tool I can vouch for when it comes to doing keyword research for Clickbank affiliate Marketing. If you are just starting and you don’t have much money, then you can stick with Google Keyword Planner for Your keyword research, its free and it’s easy to use. But the amount of keyword data you will get when using Google keyword planner is a bit limited when compared with Long tail Pro or Check Out My Post On How To Use Google keyword Planner for Keyword research.
After doing your Keyword research, you should come up with a keyword that as at least 2,000 Exact Monthly searches per Month and write at least 5 articles around such keyword(s).
cbMake sure the articles are well explanatory and are capable of getting you search engine traffic from Google and other search engines.
Once you have good articles on your Blog, then you can now head over to Clickbank and look for affiliate Products that are related to your Niche and promote them. Most People know how to create a Blog,but they don’t know how to choose an affiliate Product on Clickbank ,Since there are literally Thousands Of Product you can choose from. The reason why most Clickbank marketers fail in Clickbank affiliate Marketing is that they rely on “Gravity” alone while choosing an affiliate product to promote On Their blog even though there are about 5 other factors you should consider before choosing any product to promote On Clickbank.
After choosing a product on Clickbank, you promote them on your blog either by writing a review of such product as a blog post or by creating ads with them with your affiliate url,you can use Maxblogpress Ninja Affiliate to Track Your Clicks.


Get Traffic to Your Reviews/Blog

Traffic is the key to making money online. The higher the number of targeted traffic you get to your Blog daily, the higher the probability of you making a sale from your affiliate Product.
When it comes to Traffic, I have a very high Conversion rate with just two source:

1. Search Engine Traffic: This is the cheapest source of traffic every Clickbank affiliate marketer should struggle to get, in fact it’s not cheap, its Free. All you need do to get this type of traffic is to do keyword research, write Seo Optimized articles around the keywords you gathered during your research, and get few backlinks to your articles, and voila, the traffic starts coming. Its not as easy as I have presented it, but if you need a Clickbank tutorial that will show you how to use Search engine traffic for Clickbank Marketing, then AffiloBlueprint Course is the best One out there. Though, its not free, but it really worth the Price

2. Traffic from Ads: Apart from getting traffic from search engines, it’s also possible to pay for traffic. With as little as $5, you can sign up for facebook ads, and create ads to your Review Page. Click here to learn How to Create a Facebook ad you should also read “Free Online Advertisement Tips for Bloggers”

To learn some other free and paid strategies that you can use for your Clickbank marketing, click here.

Repeat The Entire Process

Once you start getting traffic to your Blog from search engines or through any other source, then create another Blog with the same process, the higher the number of Blogs you are using for your Clickbank affiliate Marketing, the more you earn money online from Clickbank. Having 5 blogs that generates $500 each from Clickbank affiliate marketing is better than having just a single one that generates $1000.


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About the Author: Dennis Hooper

Dennis Hooper is an internet geek, specializing in affiliate marketing and other online money making strategies. He helps individuals to earn money online through legit and proven methods.


  1. Great Article..Thumps up
    I would like to suggest affiliates this great proved , consistent method of getting cheap traffic to any CB product which leads to crazy conversions

  2. Hi,
    I just saw your site when i was making a search on how to setup click bank make money site, I am happy i got your site please help me out, i have spent so much money trying to put something on net to end a living for me and my family. Thanks God bless you for your assistance.
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    1. hey Daniel, you need a Powerful blog to be able to make money with click, get into a niche and write epic content, and the clickbank sale will come gradually? is there anything you think i should assist you on?

  3. Never knew Price Molak had a blog cos i think we’re friends on Facebook.. Anyways nice update on clickbank.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I personally stopped promoting Clickbank good few years ago. Simply majority of guides and ebooks are total junk. I don’t want to disappoint my readers and recommend something that have never been tested by anybody.

    1. Yea, i quite agree with most you, most of them are junks, thats why i do purchase any product i wanna promote before promoting them just to make sure they are standard

  5. Thanks bro for the laid down detailed post, in fact i am thinking of storming Cb really hard and i really learnt something useful from you right here. Thanks once more

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