How to Earn Quick Extra Money Online

For those who have been asking me how they can earn quick money online, this post is created dedicated to you. The Internet has become a home to over 3 billion users. A community of 3 billion people is more than the population of China – the most populated country on surface earth. Little wonder a lot is happening there: from the People networking to people socializing to people marketing their products and services. Of all the goodies that have come with the internet, one I can truly relate with is the opportunity it affords all and sundry to reach out without restrictions or discriminations. What I am implying in clearer terms is that people can make as many friends as they can, gather just more than enough audiences as would want to listen to them. Also, people can earn as much  money as they want. That’s the beauty of the internet.

On the internet, there are several lucrative jobs that you can do and earn money from. You can have keep you normal offline job job and still earn money online doing some other jobs in your spare time. All categories of persons can make quick money online – students, working class, retirees, even those without much formal education. You are like how? Just one’s language, which He/she can speak/write quite fluently, could just be what a client is looking for on a site like freelancer when his job description reads ‘Language translator wanted’.

On the internet too, no one gives a fuck if you’re religious or unreligious, Gay or straight. Just get the job done and very excellently. But if you’ll agree with me, there are some places you dare not apply offline. And even if muster some faith to apply, you get the result already. Even laughable as I heard last year that someone got the pink slip because He’s got Tattoo on his body. You might not believe this but it is the truth. But with the internet, you ass is covered.

You also may not require more than a phone and a reliable internet connection to make money online. For an online job like taking surveys, launching your email and honestly responding to some of the questions might be what will be earning you $5 or more daily. And may I tell you that there’s no defined time of the day that you can do this. You may just choose to check your email at launch break and earn $5 already, I have a post here that list some of the best paid online survey sites from where you can earn quick extra money. is one site you can think about when you easily or urgently want to earn some quick extra money online. The website rewards you for your web searches on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Actually, what you do is to simply install an add-on to your browser – and sure that’s just about how you earn because for every search that you conduct, attached to it is your cash reward.

And you ever think of earning some quick extra cash from sharing your notes? Here is how: Website like allows you to upload your notes, alongside your price, so that when another student downloads them, you get paid.

You like surfing the web, I know. But what if you could earn some quick cash too? Sites like are willing to pay people like you to review all kinds of websites. Each review wouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes and you get paid $10. Payment is via PayPal.

Probably you need some money to ease off some responsibilities, why wouldn’t you publish an e-book then? You don’t have to be an author neither must you be a grammarian to publish on the Amazon kindle store. Just communicate yourself in the most pellucid way you possibly can and offer value. And I hope you know you aren’t just publishing for publishing sake. Let me be plain: you’ll earn 70% of the sale, cool isn’t it?

And not until now is it heard that you can earn some quick money from answering questions and giving advice. Websites like,,,,, — will pay you for sharing your knowledge on almost any topic. They could be paying anything upwards of $5 which will be credited into your account. All the hard work that may be required of you to earn from these sites could just be the sign up process.

The internet could be treasure land for gold but it is expedient that one be conscious of the fact that some unscrupulous elements have also recognized this, and will stop at nothing when they have to. Quickly let me rush through some red flag you should watch out for when trying to earn money online.

  • For most genuine online jobs, you may not be required to pay for such things as sign up or membership. But get things straight – you may only be paying on such sites as Amazon kindles when/where you sell stuffs.
  • For the get paid to (GPT) choice of earning quick money online, which I tried to avoid from up down here, kindly note that some pay while most don’t.
  • Be careful with any money making online scheme that shoot into the web space in less than a year. You can always get to know this by typing the web address on Google. You can also check the site for scam by asking Google such question as ‘Is a scam?’

3 Easy Ways To Earn quick Money Online in 2016

There are various ways in which you can make thousands of dollars online legitimately online, listed below are 5 of them. Please do take note that the reason why most people don’t make a dime online is that they focus on too many things at a time. I will advise that of the 5 different ways listed below. Just ensure that you focus on one or two of them and you will be smiling to the bank every month.

How to Earn Quick Money Online from Blogging

Over the years, I have written several post on how you can earn money online blogging, for those who are still in doubt, I can assure you that People including me still make money online blogging from the comfort of our homes. The numbers of people blogging are still relatively low and as such there is an opportunity for you to make money from it.

For you to know that you truly can earn money from blogging ,Bloggers like Zac Johnson, Pat flyn and even Chris Lee makes several thousands of dollars monthly from blogging.

For those who are still curious on what a blog is and how they can make money blogging, a blog is the twin of a website. It is a discussion or informational site. What I have found to be the difference between the two is that a blog is constantly being updated as against a website. Anybody may disagree with me on this but it is just my own observation, you’re free to bring up yours. And by regularly updating your blog will mean that you are doing it for some targeted audience(s), your dedicated site readers – and they are your money spinner.

Since having established your web presence which I will strongly recommend that you focus on a niche (and there are a lot of them: news niche, entertainment niche, writing niche, beauty niche, online money making niche etc.), you will have to apply for Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a program run by Google that allows site owners to earn from ads displayed on their sites.

Actually this is how it happens: Your main stream of income will be coming from ads that’ll running on your blog.  Google AdSense is what I am implying here. And the beauty of it is that Google AdSense can be used on a paid host or a free host as in (and that’s the only free blog upon which Google will allow you to use Google AdSense).

So when your blog readers visit your blog, and they click on any of those ads (a kind of advertisement you earn from which is called per-click), you get paid. It is then apt to say that the more dedicated audiences/visitors that’ll be visiting your site daily, the more money you’ll be earning.

It is important that you know Google’s webmaster guidelines before launching your blog or before applying for Google AdSense. This is to ensure that your blog or website is not deleted without notice. And from the little I know, Google frowns at website publishing +18 contents, so have this at the back of your mind. And lastly, earning money from blogging requires hard work, diligence, and patience.

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How to Make Quick Money Online from Affiliate Marketing

And yet another simple and legitimate way to make extra money online. Just as in blogging, you need a platform which could be a blog or a website. You need credibility/reputation and when I mean credibility/reputation, I do not imply that you should become a celebrity. All I am saying is that the blog or website that you claim you’re managing, how recognized is it? How useful is your site content to its readers? You could also have some following on maybe one of your active social media accounts.

You could get affiliates by emailing them, signing up directly on their website, finding them on popular forums, through mutual contact, or through affiliate links as in clickbank or commission junction, after which you’ll have to paste the affiliate link in a conspicuous section on your website and bam, you’re earning already.

And quickly let me correct these misconceptions. It isn’t only your affiliate’s products or site that can be promoted; yourself too can promote your own blog and/or website, you can promote your products and services at no extra cost. Both you and your affiliate can engage in a mutually beneficial cross-promotion.

More so, it isn’t about the highest paying affiliate program; it is about the relevancy of your affiliate programs to your site theme. Take for instance, a site/blog whose theme is ‘giving out writing tips to writers’, it’ll only be good to have affiliate marketing with online editors and proofreaders like or

Actually the intent for which any business will go affiliating is to enjoy more of web recognition. As one who is into Affiliate marketing, and more importantly an affiliate marketer, your job will be to devise means to drive traffic to wherever you want it driven to. Being able to deliver is what will keep you in your affiliate marketing business for longer. And an increased traffic to your site will guarantee this. Now given you aren’t delivering… and you sure know what that means.

To achieve a steady traffic, obey Google. Google will say content is king, you gerrit? Newsletter is also potent. You can land some of your best articles in the email of your subscribers and subtly incorporate your affiliate programs. Also, making your e-book available for free download or giving away freebies/free contents to other websites while linking back to your own site could be the magic.

Not enough to let you that much about affiliate marketing without having to let you know this one, too. Having affiliate doesn’t have to be in their numbers, it wouldn’t guarantee you’re earning more; you could just hold on to a few of them and be contented. What I mean is that you should build and maintain a strong relationship with your affiliates.

How to Earn Money Online from Freelancing

Freelancing could be a fantastic job as well as a way to earn yourself some money. So many people are earning money online from freelancing. How this is happening is what I wouldn’t assume you know already. As a freelancer, you got to offer your services to be paid. Your services could include Writing, Translation, Web design, Graphics design, video and animation, music, Marketing and data entry, programming, Architecture, Engineering, Accounting, Administrative support, and Website development; just basically anything that you’re really good at doing.,,,,,, – are just some few freelancing sites that you can earn from.

So specifically, how you earn on these sites is to sign up on any of the above sites; build your profile with a professional touch; and use the job posting section. Most of these sites require that you place bids on the available jobs after which you might land the job for yourself. The amount the client (the person offering you the job) is willing to offer usually accompanies the job.

You could work from anywhere – and that’s the freedom associated with freelancing. You are in control as you aren’t under the authority or dictate of any boss as in your office work. You could make freelancing a part time or a full time job. Anybody – provided you’re excellently skilled – can be a freelancer… and get paid. Nothing has to be a barrier.

It actually has something to do with you doing that very thing you know how to do best and getting paid for it. You know — the joy, the self-fulfillment that shoots out from you knowing you’ll be doing the love of your life for a very long time.

Most people I know who started freelancing a long time ago are still freelancing today. A whole lot of these folks don’t seem to be quitting freelancing any soon. Some of them have the house they have built to show for an 8 years freelancing business. Some others have bought cars and are also planning on buying another. And the others, they are no longer visiting those freelance websites. Why then? Is that that they’ve abandoned freelancing for something else? No. Freelancing was just a platform. They got hooked up by just one random Client who turned out to be their regular Client.

And for the payment aspect, something I know you’ve been expecting a discourse about: I understand that payment options like PayPal may not be available in some countries. This used to be a barrier sometimes ago but not anymore. You can now work and get paid as a freelancer irrespective of whether PayPal accepts your country or not. And you’ll receive such funds in your country and in your country’s denomination.

I do know that there are now alternative payment options, and more warming up in the background, but I’ve found payoneer a convenient payment option (this is no advertisement, and I stand nothing to gain from this information). Actually you’ll need visit their site and be sure you’ve thoroughly read and understood their terms of service. Thereupon you’ll sign up for a free ATM MasterCard. Do ensure to correctly supply all the information that will be required of you as your card will be shipped to the address you provide during registration. Collect your card between the days as will be forwarded to the email you provided at registration, activate it, withdraw your funds from whichever freelance website you have it in, and withdraw it in your home country.

The three methods I listed above are just few out of the several methods you can us e in making money online, If you have any Question, don’t hesitate to Post it in the comment section and I will definitely reply you



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