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You already Know how to create facebook ads and you want to know how much facebook ads cost before starting a facebook ad campaign? Well, when creating facebook ads, there are 2 basic factor that determines the price of your Facebook ads campaign, and if you must reduce your facebook ads cost to suit your budget, then you have to carefully pay keen attention to this factors and tweak them till they suit you, so what are these factors:


Your Facebook Ad Audience

facebook ad costThe most important factor that determines your facebook ad cost is your audience, when i say facebook audience, i mean those who will have the opportunity of seeing your facebook ads, the higher the Number of people that will see your ads, the lesser the cost of running your Ads. if there are many advertisers targeting the same demographics with you, then your facebook ads cost will be high,but if there are few advertisers,then the cost will be relatively low.

Running a facebook ad is not a rocket science, and i wouldn’t want you to see this as another boring aspect of internet marketing. Pictures they say speaks louder than words,look at this Image:

facebook ads audience


Look At the Top right hand corner of the Image above,it shows the number of people that are likely to see your facebook ad, and this is also determined by the Number of Countries you choose and the Precise Interest of those you are ad is targeting, the Higher their population,the lesser the cost of your facebook ad.

Cpm VS CpC facebook Ad

The other most important factor you must pay attention to while creating your facebook ads is wether you will be going for Cpc or Cpm. Β While creating facebook ads,you have the opportunity of choosing either facebook ads Cpm or Cpc.

facebook AdsΒ Cpm: stands for Cost Per thousand impression. It refers to the amount you will be charged for each 1,000 people that sees your facebook ads,it doesn’t matter if they click on your ad or not

facebook Ads Cpc: These also stands for cost per click of each of your facebook ad. It is the amount of money you will be charged for each person that clicks on your ads.

To reduce your facebook ads cost, i will advise you go for Cpc,it is much safer, but one thing i do while creating ads to reduce my facebook ads cost is that i do choose cpc while creating my ads and after about a day or two, if i see that the ad is performing up to my expectation,i then change it to cpm. So the choice is left to you.

So to cut down your facebook ad cost,pay keen attention to the two factor above. I wish you success as you Create your Ads.

P.S. You can always contact me if you are having problem with Your facebook Ads and i will be glad to help you!!!!

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About the Author: Dennis Hooper

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  1. Thanks for sharing the information related to facebook ads.

    I am thinking to promote by blog through FB by investing some cash.

    Hope this post would help me to proceed my idea.

    Great share, keep doing it πŸ™‚

  2. Hello Prince,

    Great share.!

    Thanks for writing and sharing with us. i have used cpc method πŸ™‚

    stay updated and stay rocking πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›


  3. Facebook likes are really important and useful if you are serious in making money online
    they provide you high targeted facebook likes and lots of engagement
    thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  4. Prince, you’re doing an excellent job with back-to-back posts about Facebook ads.

    I’ve bookmarked these pages so I that I could refer them when I start using Facebook ads.

  5. Oh my! I am now considering the potential of advertising using facebook. I just have to save money for it and I hope it would be soon. I don’t know though how facebook can help me in their ads and I hope it is so expensive. πŸ™‚

    1. There ads is not so expensive Narda, if you tweak it very well, yo can pay around $0.10 per thousand impression

  6. I prefer CPC ads as they get me more exposure and likes for my website page. Never tried CPM before, but will try next time I use facebook ads program.

    1. Amaan,thanks for commenting, you have never tried Cpc so dont just conclude that it gets more Likes for Your Page not until you try Cpm,cpm is great,try it and am sure you will generate more Likes

    1. There ia actually no way to advertise for free on facebook, excpet if you will be using facebook coupon, you can check this post on how to do that

  7. you have really cleared the air about which of cpc and cpm ads perform better. I will always choose cpc ahead of cpm always. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful insight .

  8. Just now, my Facebook ad completed with 900 likes for 20$ Doesn’t it looks great?
    Would like to read more post about Facebook ads from you.

  9. Going with CPC seems to make sense Price. I dig the tips and your FB ad style.

    Tweak and test. Change your copy and hit your demographic with greater ease.

    Few work smart as advertisers. Use your noodle to stand out.

    Thanks for sharing the tips Prince!


  10. looking forward for more posts about facebook ads. i notice that you are creating a “series” of blog posts dealing with facebook promotion. keep it up since creating a series of related blog posts is a techniques that encourages your readers to stay tuned on your blog

    1. Yes,Marilyn,but unfortunately,this will be the last in the Facebook ads series,perhaps when i get more questions from people about facebook ads, i will definitely post them here, thanks for always being here ma, am really greatful

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