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By Dennis Hooper | facebook

Jul 15

Creating a facebook ad as been the wish of many facebook users,before now,i do receive lots of facebook messages asking me how they can sponsor an ads on facebook,and in this post,am gonna show you how you can create a facebook ads. Pictures showing how you can create facebook ads is also attached to each step so as to make Things easier. But before taking you through how to create a facebook ad,listed below are the advantages of facebook ad over other type of ads.

Why Create facebook Ads

1. Cheap: the most important reason while create facebook ads is that it is damn cheap in as much as you tweak you ads very well,unlike Google                              adwords, facebook ads is very much cheaper

2. Easy To Create: Over the years,i have met lots of internet marketers, and from experience it is easy to create facebook ads,unlike google ads                                                 where you have to spend hours doing keyword research,facebook ads are easy to create.

So haven said that, and confirmed that,how do can you create a facebook ad, here is how to:

First Step In Creating A facebook Ads

The first thing You need to do in creating a facebook ads is to Log in to Your facebook account,Unlike google that as a special platform for creating ads,facebook ads can be created right from Your facebook Account, after Login in to Your facebook account,look at the top right hand corner of your facebook Home page and click On “Create Ads” as shown in The picture Below.

Create Facebook Ads



Step 2. Details Of the Facebook Ads You want To Create

After clicking on Create Advert, anew page should Load, and from the page, you will be required to fill all the details of the facebook ads you want to Create,including the Url facebook users will land on after clicking On your facebook ads, here is a screenshot of that.

fb ads1


Note: In the first Box above, you can fill the url people will be redirected to when they click on the facebook ads you create, and if your facebook ads is meant at getting  Like for a particular facebook fanpage,then you will choose from the List of pages as shown in the second box above.

Step 3:Your Facebook Ads Details

This is where you add your ad headline and description, for you to get an higher Click though rate on Your facebook ads, write short but catchy ads and also write descriptions that will tempt people to click on your ads,moreover, the picture you will also be uploading should be unique and catchy as well, here is how it looks like



Step 4. Who are Your Targets

This is the most important part in your facebook ads, these part will determine how much you will pay for your facebook ads and how many Clicks your ads might generate,it will also allows you to choose the category and the location of people you want your ad to target.



Final Step In Creating Your Facebook Ads: How Much Are You ready To Spend On Your Ads

This is the last column you will be required to fill while creating your facebook ads,here,you will fill the amount you will pay facebook per impression or per click as the case maybe, you will also be required to fill the total amount of money you will spend on Your ads, when you want your ads to start running and when you want it to stop,Facebook ads gurus will always advise that,you choose cpc will creating your ads and then change it back to cpm as soon as you see that the ads CTR is okay by You, i will also advise that You should try different ads headline and description and run it for some hours after which so Pause other facebook ads and keep running  the one that as the Highest ctr.



So that is the End of this post on how you can create facebook ads!!!! Have you ever tried creating a facebook ad? What problems did you encounter while doing That? lets talk via the Comment Box below!!!! Peace

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