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By Dennis Hooper | Make Money Online

Jul 17

Just of recent,i wrote a post on facebook users can get traffic by creating ads with facebook, and ever since then,i have received messages from people asking me how they can advertise with facebook for free, due to Money Constraint,most people believe that facebook advertisement is costly and they cannot afford it,yet they want to advertise on facebook, so it was during my search for how to advertise on facebook for free that an idea came into my head and i think it will be of use to those who are looking for ways to advertise on facebook for free.

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imagesSo to those who fall into that category, let me tell you this first “Facebook ads space is not for free” if it were for free, Mark wouldn’t have been making any income from facebook,but notwithstanding, you can advertise on facebook by paying less the amount your ads worth. But How???

Just like any other coupon,facebook coupon allows you to advertise on facebook for almost free,most people give out facebook coupons as giveaways while others sell it.

How To Get Facebook Coupon

Over the years, the best resource for getting facebook coupons at a cheaper price is fiverr. As you might have known, thing are being sold on fiverr for five dollars, so on fiverr, you can purchase $50 facebook coupon for Just five Dollars, that means you have saved $45, so with that, i believe you can advertise on facebook for almost free. Here is a Snippet from Fiverr, for the keyword” facebook Coupon”

facebook coupon


Cons Of facebook Coupon

People do say anything that as advantage most surely have  a disadvantage, SO does facebook coupons have any draw backs, yes they Do:

1. They can Only be used On Facebook Advertising accounts which is Less Than 14 days old

2. You can only redeem one facebook per one facebook account, so for each adverts you want to create, you have to create a new facebook account, i have more than 15 facebook account,lolz.

Here is an ad i once create for  a fanpage

facebook ads screenshot

So my dear Readers, that’s how you can advertise on facebook for almost free, if you are having problems with your facebook ads,you can contact me, i will surely help, though Not For Free but at a reasonable Price.

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