How To Advertise Your Website Online For Free

Are you webmaster looking for free website advertising for  your website online so as get more website traffic? Don’t go so far, because in this post, I will take you through ways by which you can use free online advertising to generate targeted traffic and make more money online without investing.
There are thousands of free ways by which you can advertise your website online, but most website owners are stuck as to which of these adverting is the best for their website and internet marketing generally.
Just as I am typing this post, I made a search on Google for free advertising, can you guess what I saw ? Google returned lots of classified ads site whereby you can place website ads for free online and get traffic.

Use classified ads For Website Advertisement

I am totally against using classified ads site such as craigslist to advertise websites and blogs in a bid to generate traffic, Google penguin and panda and other animal algorithm change made by Google are aimed at spamming site and low quality, of which classified ads site are not left out, posting your website on a classified ads site will affect your search engine ranking negatively, this is due to the fact that when sites which are being labeled as spam sites by Google links to your websites, then Google automatically thinks that your site is also a spam site and this might go a long way in damaging the seo that you have labored for over years, classified sites are places to connect with scammers and hackers, it  exposes your website to threat, so the bottom line is that never use classified ads for website advertisement, though, most classified sites are free, but Free Things also kills

Best Free Online Advertisement For Website owners

My believe is that the main reason why most people advertise their website is to get more traffic and perhaps generate more leads, there are lots of ways by which website owners can get free blog traffic listed below are some of the ways I use in generating free traffic to my blog, if it works for my blog then it should definitely work for your website.

Forum Posting/commenting: website owners can get free traffic to their blog by posting on forums related to their niche. Most forums will allow you to include Signatures  in your profile of which You can add your website link, participating actively in these forums is a means of free online advertisement to your website, as your website link will be added below every post you comment on in a forum. To get targeted traffic, then, you just be active on forums that are related to your Niche, It will be very stupid of a website owner who runs a website on Health Niche to be active on tech Forum in bid to generate traffic, though you will get traffic, but it wont be as much and as targeted as being active on a forum related to your Niche.

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Social medias: The importance of Social medias such as facebook and twitter should cannot be overestimated when it comes to free online advertisement for websites’, facebook as over a billion active users making it one of the most visited site in the world, and as such, it is more like a huge market for your to promote your website, there are definitely people on facebook who want to know more about your website or the product you are promoting on your website, and the best way to make them aware of this for free is by putting Like, tweet and share Buttons below your posts, so that when people read your posts and it interests them, there is a probability that they might end up sharing it On their facebook, twitter or Google Plus page.
Apart from including like, share and tweet buttons on your blog, website owners should also activate automatic feed sharing to their facebook and twitter timeline, I use, for that, once you register on twitter feed, you input your website Feed and once a new Post is being made On your Blog, it is being shared automatically On your facebook and twitter pages. Mashable and other tech Blogs have a huge Facebook fan base and twitter followers and once they make a post, it is being viewed automatically by thousands of people who have subscribe to their facebook fanpage and twitter feeds.

Blog communities: There are various Online blog communities whereby Bloggers assist one another to share Posts. You share My Post and I share Yours, You Win, I win. It is very simple and apart from it being a method of free Online advertising for websites, it also allows bloggers to relate and assist each other when the need arises, no one is an island of Knowledge, neither can a single tree make a forest, example of such communities are, Just retweet is still the best blogging community I have ever join and I will also recommend You to Join.

Over To You:
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About the Author: Dennis Hooper

Dennis Hooper is an internet geek, specializing in affiliate marketing and other online money making strategies. He helps individuals to earn money online through legit and proven methods.


  1. This post is really helpful, but I’m still using blogspot which does not allow me get affiliate advert, really need help on how to change. Thank you
    I’m from Nigeria

    1. Hi Sulaiman,

      It depends on your ability. If you are good at designing, you can offer logo/web design services in Fiverr or Upwork. If you are good at content writing, you can work as a freelance content writer.

      If you do not have any specific skills, I would recommend trying this course. I made around $2600 so far from this course. -> NextBigNiche: Niche Marketing

  2. I have tried forum and it didn’t disappoint me I think I will start targeting Facebook now. Thanks for the post!

  3. My guy you did this post with most of us in mind. All i have to say is thank you so much and would definitely appreciate you visiting my blogs. thank you again.

    1. Hey Sandra,thanks for commenting on my blog,its nice to see you here, hoping to see you here again and again, hope you are utilizing facebook ads to generate traffic to your Blog?

  4. Great tips, thanks 🙂 You can post your website link for free at the following site MyWebsiteList .. Your readers should find it useful, especially if they have a small business and need some free advertising

  5. This is nice.
    I already a member of a very popular forum from my area and I think will try to work harder on popularizing my blog through this Forum medium…

  6. You’re a Prince…Thanks for all the help & direction You give us to derive an income from our blogs…Just sign in to ADSENSE now wait for the approval also sign in Justretweet, & their affiliate marketing in case You don’t know they pay 30% & after goes to 40%, have to learn how to get their link in my blogs…Appreciate all You do…God Blesd!


    1. Google will approve you account by Gods grace,i also use justretweet and i am aware of their affilate sale too but am still studYing them before posting about them here

  7. Thanks for your advertising article, I have been looking to advertise my rental business. I have been using a well known site to advertise my website, it gives free advertising Have your readers used it before?

  8. Good insights prince, your ideas on how to advertise online for free is very useful especially to businessman who are planning to advertise their business online. I would just like to share some of my ideas about it.

  9. This is indeed a very helpful, interesting and informative post! Of course, a lot of bloggers and website owners would surely like to advertise their websites and this is a great help. Thank you so much for posting this, goo job!

  10. Posting on forums is a nice way to get more exposure, but the problem is that most forums dont allow link posting. Even in signatures.

    1. Each Forum will Surely have its own Rules and Regulations, although i have seen some forums that do Not allow Links, But Most of them Does, Just Look around, you will surely find them

    1. Its a pleasure Simeon. I went through your blog and i must commend you for Such a Nice article,but i think it will be better to change the Url of your domain to something Short and can be easily remembered

  11. All of the methods listed in the above article are very good but there are many more ways to get free traffic like article marketing and even give aways can be great even something like a free 5-10 page report that can take you a day or less to create.

    The key with any marketing method including the ones listed above is to to go about it the correct way. For more information you are welcome to visit my site. And Keep up the good work!

    1. Don,Yea,it is also possible to Get blog traffic by doing giveaways and from article marketing,just went through your Sales Page,its Nice , thanks for Visting my blog

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