How To Set up a Blog On Google and WordPress

How Do I Set up A blog

If you are new to blogging and you don’t know how to create a blog, just relax your mind as I take you into the processes involve in creating a blog.

The first problem most newbie blogger face when introduce into blogging is how and where to set up there new blog and am pretty sure that by the end of this article, you should have an insight of how to create a blog.

how to do a blog
how to do a blog

When we talk about blog creation, we have both the free blogs and the paid blogs. For anyone who really wants to make huge amount of money with blogging and have privacy, such a person should go for the paid blog. Although they are called paid blogs I would rather call them Penny Blogs. This is due to the fact the amount of money required to create such a blog is very small and if you devout yourself to your new blog, you can get back such amount from your blog before the end of your first blogging month.


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Although I am in support of you creating you very first blog as a free blog and later on when you think you think, you have mastered the skill of blogging them you can move it to a paid blog.

Okay lets roll it, which should I start from, a free Blog?

How to create a free Blog

A free blog are blogs which are hosted with blogging sites, such a blog does not require you to won a domain name neither do they require you to pay money for any hosting, once you get to those hosting sites, all you need do is to register and create your new blog, the creation process is as simple as filling out a form, once your blog is created, you will be given a url instantly, something like  yourblogname.the and I don’t think that looks professional, but notwithstanding you can manage that till when you have mastered blogging.

There are lots of websites out there which allows you to create a blog on there domain but for someone who really wants to enjoy blogging on a free host, then I’d advise you go for blogger. Com, it is owned by Google and it gives you an insight of how blogging really looks like. You can check out my post here on how to create a blogger blog.

Now, How To Create paid blogs.

Paid blogs are blogs whereby you pay for the domain and the host, so in paid blogs, the only thing you are paying for is the domain and the host and they both cost about 10 dollars each, though a domain had to be renewed monthly while hosting should be renewed monthly or when it expires.

sell domain names

How to create a paid Blog

Requirement for creating a paid blog

1. A domain

2. A host

3. A blogging software

A Domain

A domain is a unique URL by which your blog can be accessed. You purchase a domain name from domain registrars. When choosing a domain name, make sure it is a name that is memorable and can be easily spelt, so later on when you blog becomes popular, people can easily remember and type your domain name so as your access your blog. A domain name costs about 10 dollars but it differs from registrar to another. The best register I think you should go for is namecheap. Com, they accept both credit card and paypal, even if it is unverified.

A host

Blog hosts can be defined as an online room whereby you blog documents like you blog posts, pictures and any other thing you have on your blog are been kept so that it can be really accessed. Your Blog hosts is attached to your domain name, so when someone enters your domain, he is been redirected to your blog page which is hosted by an host. The best domain name I can vouch for when it comes to blog hosting is Namecheap , they charge less than 5 dollars to host your blog, register For Namecheap Hosting Here

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Now that you have known what it takes to own a blog, start creating a plan for your blog now.

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  1. Bros please please which one can i use outbof the two, you know i just want to start and i don’t have much idea about it.

    1. since you are new to Blogging, you should start with Blogger and when you become a pro,you should migrate to wordpress. you can hire US for your designs

  2. I have not written anything yet,i only register the url name with namechip only.hw much will it take me to lunch it.

  3. Ime
    The url is I was also given If i want to keep the .biz. I will start paying from next year.because i register with Namechip. But the site is not published yet. Please advice.
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Posted on October 24th, 2013

    1. I cant advise you on the monetization method to use right now, i need to see contents on Your Blog

  4. The url is I was also given If i want to keep the .biz. I will start paying from next year.because i register with Namechip. But the site is published yet. Please advice.

  5. Thank you for your wonderful post brossi will like to get advice for my new blog. At first what can i market with it to earn money online. I was thinking of selling affiliate ebooks and networking as well as promoying others people’s work.

    1. can i have the url of the blog in question?let me see it so that i can tell you the best monetization method to use

  6. Please I want to know how I can be making more with my Blog, I have a blog am working on. but I really don’t know how I can earn money with it.

  7. Thanks for your mails…am tryin to own a site lyk( I must mention it here so you see is not a BB fone bizz…how much will it cost me and how long will it take you ?

  8. Am usin blackberry fone and tryin to bluid a kind of blog where by people can b downloading songs 24/7 with my name n logo on it…tnx

    1. Yea,you can blog with your bb,you can also build a blog where People can download music,but am sorry,it is not a good niche and i wouldnt advise anyone to go into that,have you ever read any Post on how To choose a blog Niche?if no,then i will advise you to search For it,afta that,contact us and we will happily build you a blog!

  9. Am happy readings dis..but I dnt have a laptop yet and I really need d blog site coz of my online promotions…so is it possible to start it off on a cafey or laptop..thanks

    1. You Dont Need a laptop before you can become a blogger,what type of phone are you using?

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