How Do people make Money Online?

By Dennis Hooper | Make Money Online

Feb 25

“How do people make Money Online”, this was the exact question a newbie I was trying to teach how to make money online asked me. The guy was so curios t

hat he insisted that money can never be made online and that all online money making stories are just aimed at scamming people, then I ask him “ When you scam People” what have you done, he

How People Make Money

How People Make Money

replied shamefully “ You’ve made Money Online”.

So money is been made on the internet through what people pay for products and services. The internet is a place for you to display your product and services and people patronize and buy from you, once your product is bought or your service was rendered then you have made money online.

Just like a brick and mortal shop in the offline world whereby people come in and buy the product you are selling, your website or blog is that shop or mall and once they get there you lure them to buy from it. Making money online is a very wide topic and its not something that one can just start explaining and finish, if it were to be a course in the university, you will spend nothing less than 3 years to learn it, but, if you are a newbie who will like to make money online, I will want you to know that People make money online for real and that it does not have any age restriction or knowledge attach to it, all you need do to make money online is to have determination and your determination will push you to learn more.

Making money online can be frustrating at times, most especially when things don’t seem to work, but when you have determination, then am assuring you that as time goes on you learn the rope.

To make money online, you need to have a capital, in most cases, your capital might “ time” the more the time  you invest on it, the more money you make, but for newbie’s, I will advise you to invest a little of money, either by getting a domain name or by hiring someone to build a blog or website where you will promote your goods and services.

Ways By Which You Can Make Money Online

Here are some ways by which you can also make Money Online, I have included links to each of the methods Listed, so Read carefully and follow Each Link:

1. Make Money Blogging: It is no longer news that you can make Money online blogging. A lot of people including me have being using our Blog medium as a method of making money Online. We sell ebooks and offer advertisement to other blog owners, and with that we have been making huge amount of money Online. 1. How To Start Your Blog    (2.) Learn How to make Money Blogging  Here  (3.) How To Write Your Blog Post

2. Affiliate marketing: An affiliate is One who Get paid For promoting other people’s product. Navigate Through by using the links below

(  i) What Is affiliate marketing    (2) List Of the best Paying Affiliate Network (3) How To Become An affilate Marketer

3. hire meMake Money Freelancer: A freelancer is one who make money online by offering a particual service.  To become a freelancer, you must have a particular job or service that you can render online, so you advertise your self for that particular job or sign up with a freelancing sites, post the service or services you can render and  then you get contracts based on your area of specialization. After the completion of the contract or service, you are being paid.      ( 1) How To make Money freelancing 2. List OF the Best freelancing Site






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Dennis Hooper is an internet geek, specializing in affiliate marketing and other online money making strategies. He helps individuals to earn money online through legit and proven methods.

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