How To choose A blog Niche

Today,we will be talking about Niche selection and how to choose the perfect niche for Your New Blog. This is the second Post of our “Guide To Blogging” series,if you are new here,then i will suggest you check our Guide to Blogging archive,so as to read other posts you might have missed. Choosing a  blog niche is one of the problems most newbie blogger encounter while starting a new blog,in fact,it took me two good years before i found the perfect niche to Blog on,interestingly,within that two years,i opened up to about 20 blogs,neglecting one and starting another,until i came across the perfect Niche.So it is necessary for anyone aspiring to be a blogger to choose a good blog niche. It is one of the main factor that will determine your Blogging success. In one of my post recently, i took you through what a niche was and why you should choose a niche For you online Business.

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how to choose a blog niche
how to choose a blog niche

To choose a blog Niche, the following should be considered:

The level Of Interest OF the Blogger

When choosing a blog niche, choose a niche in which you are very interested in and a niche in which you can write on. Most bloggers start a blog because they read it somewhere that a  particular niche is lucrative without considering the fact the level of interest that have for that niche, and within a short  period of time, they get bored and ignore the blog. So choose a niche you know you can write on even if you are sleeping.


The level OF demand

While determining the niche to choose, choose a niche in which people are interested in. This will go a long way in ensuring that you have huge readership thereby improving your traffic. One easy way of determining this is by using keyword Tools. What keyword tools does is that it shows you the number or amount of searches a particular keyword generates monthly on Google’s Search engine.

Most of the keyword tools are free while some are paid,if you are just starting a new blog, i see no reason why you should purchase a keyword tool, so i would suggest you use the Google keyword Tool to check the feasibility of your Niche, the Higher the number of monthly searches, the higher the probability of it being a good niche


Choose a Profitable Niche

While brainstorming on the niche to choose for your blog, make sure you choose a niche with lots of potential customers that you can promote your goods and services to. In most cases, the level of demand as i have stated earlier also determines how profitable a niche might be, the higher the level of demand for that niche, the more profitable it is.

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Based on experience here are some profitable blog niches that you can blog on:

1. make money Online Niche

2. relationship Niche

3.health Niche

4. Insurance Niche


Now Over To You!!!! Do you have any other Niche worth adding To My List?

P.S Dont forget to check My Guide to Blogging Archive Page to see Other Posts On Blogging that You Might have missed.


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  1. Chuks says:

    Is sport a good niche. Football to be precise


  3. varun saini says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips with us Price. I was thinking to make a new website. I will surely use this tips then 🙂

    • Prince Molak says:

      Okay,yea,its nice to create lots of blogs and websites until you finally struck the one with high payout after which you can flip others. Wishing you success

  4. aris jay says:

    I think this is the most difficult part if you don’t know what niche suit you best. Well, may be next time I would copy all the above information. Hope nobody would get angry….. Great post!

  5. marilyn cada says:

    good thing i chose make money online niche. it is not only profitable but i am also interested in anything about making money online

  6. Hello Prince,

    Choosing a right niche really determine the life of blog. Writing on the intrested feild is very important for all blogger. First of all you need to determine what is your passion…and blog your passion….it will take you to the next level on blogging.

  7. One must ensure to only choose a niche such a person is an authority on, so you wont have to run out of ideas. And you must also consider niche that will be profitable and one that you do not have to work yourself to death to drive traffic.

  8. Shameem says:

    Hey Bro valid points choosing a niche is most important in this blogging world so that we can earn money and be stand out from the crowd

    • Prince Molak says:

      Standing out from the crowd as both advantages and disadvantages,but all the same,it is good to be innovative

  9. Pawan says:

    The level of interest and popularity plays critical role in choosing niche. I also wrote an interesting article about choosing blog niche.

    I always give first priority to my interest.

    • Prince Molak says:

      yea,without interest,the passion will fade away gradually, am going to your Blog now to read your article, will you mind linking to this while i also link o yours

  10. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Simple and clear tips Prince!


  11. oluwadamilare Bakare says:

    Nice post you have here, the post really explained the importance of choosing a solid niche

    • Prince Molak says:

      yea,damilare,thanks for coming to My Blog,hoping to see you again and again, where in Nigeria are you from? Oyo State?

  12. Ide Blogging says:

    Follow your passion. But,if you want to get much money from internet, you must choose good niche blog like health, travel, food, and financial.

  13. Amal Rafeeq says:

    Well put Molak,
    I do agree with you but when selecting a niche, you should first make sure that it’s something you can handle and you are capable of creating fantastic outputs on it.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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