How to Check and Track Your Keyword Rankings on Search Engines

A lot of bloggers and website owners have been emailing me lately asking me how they can track the keywords they are ranking for on Google and other search engines, tracking the keywords you are ranking for on the search engines can assist you in noticing the impact of your search engine optimization on your rankings and with that, you will know what really works and what doesn’t.

While many seoers have argued that having huge backlinks to one’s blog or website is the main metric Google and other search engine uses in ranking blogs, others have argued that quality content and social media mentions are what actually works in getting Free targeted Traffic from Google and earn Extra Money Online. So as a blogger or website owner, you can easily know what actually works and what doesn’t by tracking your rankings.

For example, you can continue to build backlinks to a certain page of your blog and work on Social media mentions on another page, so with time, you can use the seo rank tracking software I will be recommending to you in this post to know what really affects your rankings and once you have a perfect formula that is used for search engine ranking, you can apply to it to all your blog pages and websites.

So without much ado, here is how to check and track your keyword ranking using SEM rush position checker

Apart from this Guide, I have also created a Youtube detailing How you can Track your Keywords On the search Engines, Click the Play Button below to watch

What Is Semrush Position Checker

Semrush position checker is a SEO software by SEM rush that allows you to track the current postions of your Blog rankings, you get alert on a weekly basis for any keyword(s) you are tracking.

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Upon Signing up for Sem rush , go to your dashboard and click on Position Tracker as Shown In the Image below and click on Start New Campaign

track position 1

Step 2: Enter the Url of the Post or the Blog that You want to Track its keyword.

step two tracking your keyword rankings
Step 3:Choose country

If you have a local blog and you want to check its ranking in your locality, then all you need do is to choose the country you are targeting, but for people like like that are not targeting people of any specific country, you can choose United state as the country, since itself is in the united state, but for others that will love to know there blog position on other variant of google such as, then you will have to choose United Kingdom, my indian friends with a blog only targeted at Indians, will choose India.

step three in checking your rankings

Step 4: Select  Your Platform

Google as different ranking for different platforms, blogs or website with Google mobile Platform tend to rank high on mobile searches than those without a good mobile platform, so your blog ranking can vary from one platform to another depending on what device the person performing the Search is using, but generally, I will advice you choose Desktop here

step 4 in knowing your blog position

Step 5: Connect to Google Webmasters and Google Analytics

To allow semrush get more accurate data on your blog rankings for effective tracking, I also recommend that your link your Google webmaster and Google analytics to your Semrush campaign



Step 6 : Enter your Keywords

Here is the main place where you will have to enter all the keyword you want to track for your blog, for those that want to track the ranking of a particular page on your blog, you enter all the keywords that are associated with such pot, that is why it is important to always do keyword research before writing any post on your blog, I use Google Adwords to do my keyword research and I also ensure that I implement all the keywords I generate in any of my Post

step 6 in knowing your blog position on SERP

Step 7: Click ON Get Notifications

Finally, click on Get Get notifications and you will start receiving weekly alerts on your Keyword rankings

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