How To Generate Long Tail Keywords With Keyword Planner

Keyword research is one of the most important and boring aspect of blogging. It involves the generation of different keywords and phrases in which your site is to be build upon. Once you master,the art of keyword research,you should be able to dominate Google for almost all your keywords. And you know what that means? Ranking on Google for all your keywords means Free Traffic to your Website. And with Huge traffic comes Huge Blogging Income.

But How Should  You Do keyword Research?

A lot of controversy have developed over the years between Bloggers on How should one do keyword research for better search engine ranking ,this argument as also been fueled by lots of keyword suggestion tools with diverse reports and as such, am not expecting everyone to agree with me on some of the things i will be pointing out in this article,but if you are new to blogging, and you wish to skyrocket your Blogging income,then,this is the ultimate guide you need for your keyword research,there are lots of Chicken Littles out there Screaming “The Sky Is falling”

In this post, i will be taking You through how to Do keyword research ,but before going into that, i will want you to Know that,there are 3 types of Keyword In the Blogging Industry and each of them,perform excellently in certain areas, so what are they and where do they perform?

Types Of keywords

The three types of keywords that you need to get your self familiar with as a blogger are:

  1. Head Phrases: permit me to refer to them as “Giant Phrases”, they are giant because it is hard for you to see ordinary blogs ranking for them,you find authority sites like Wikipedia ranking for them.they are usually one single keyword and in most cases they are the name of brands or worldwide products.Such keyword include Forex,Iphone ,Marketing,Economics,Earth,battery etc. i do advise bloggers to run away from such keywords because it takes lots of time and hard work to get to the first page of Google for such Keywords. Most bloggers who have their blogs ranks for this giant phrases monetize their blog with pay per click affiliate programs
  2. Body Phrases: Unlike the Giant Phrases or keyword,body phrases contain two or more words and as such one can get rank for them on search engines within a short period of time,example include Iphone apps,Earth map,Economics graphs,laptop battery etc. When building a Blog,you should make one for such keyword the primary keyword your site is should make blog Tittle.
  3. Long tail keywords: They can be easily ranked for on search engines,they have very little competition and they are mostly the combination of both Body and giant keywords. You should use them In writing your articles and also for your blog tittle. Such keyword include Iphone app Store,Hp laptop battery, Free Forex Indicator, etc

Now that you have Known the types of keyword that we have, how do you get those keyword and rank for them. The easiest way to get Keyword keyword phrases is to make use of keyword tools.

What Are Keyword Tools?

Keyword tools are automated tools that are designed to help you generate keyword phrases based on the Seed keyword that you in out into them. Most keyword tools have search box(es) depending on the tool you are using where you input your seed keywords after which you will be presented with hundreds of keywords related to your seed keyword based on the criteria you have chosen.

What is the best keyword Tool

there are thousands of keyword tools out there bloggers use in generating keyword phrases for there Blog, according to my research, 90 percent of bloggers use Google keyword Tool or Google Keyword planner and that is why most people are not successful in there blogging career. I know this is gonna generate lots of criticism  and am ready to be criticized.

Google keyword Tool or keyword Planner Was not created by Google with the aim of helping bloggers generate keyword phrases for their blog, it was created so as to assist Google advertisers see how much a keyword really worth on Google, and as such, it lacks some vital information which bloggers really need to get there blog on the first page.  You can just conclude that a keyword is good just because Google keyword tool or planner told you it as a high monthly search or high Cpc even though that is important,but you still have to make further research to see if it really possible to get to the first page of Google for that result.

So which tool should you use for keyword research? if you are really serious with blogging and you wanna make your blog rank quickly for any keyword, then i will suggest you get Long tail pro.

Long tail pro is a keyword research tool that was created by Spencer of, it as really assisted lots of bloggers to get rank easily by showing them all they need to do to including the number of back links they need and where they can get it, so as to rank quickly for any keyword. you can read more about Long Tail pro here (aff link/ 30% discount)


Over to you:

Apart from Google keyword tool and Long Tail pro, which other keyword will you recommend for  keyword research?

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  1. Baibhav says:

    Hi Prince,
    I never underestimating the power of Keyword research. It’s is very important now a days. You have combined all the important stuffs into a blog post.

    Thanks for a great share.

  2. Prashanth K says:

    Interesting to see the head, body and long tail approach.
    Usually I stick with the long tail approach. What can make it interesting is not to start with Adwords, but with something that you will find outside of it.

    That gives you better ideas, better content, and you have a overall view of how popular your keyword is before you start research!

  3. Pallavi says:

    You shared a useful article about keyword research. I am beginner and trying to be an SEO expert. I will follow your post and prefer to all my friends.

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    You shared a great post here and thanks for sharing the article. The post will help us to find good keywords, which is most neccessory for SEO.

  5. Hi Prince! Thanks for this post about KW research. I think I should focus on low competition key words and write topics on them. It is a good strategy.

  6. Thanks for this post. its helpful for me.

  7. Aditya Dey says:

    Hi Prince,

    I think Keyword research is like sorting out the best ingredients before preparing a dish….It’s very important in order to come up with an awesome piece….thanks for writing about it….I personally love free tools for my keyword research purpose…and Google is always ready to help me out…. 🙂

  8. Nirmala says:

    Nice post Prince 🙂

    Choosing right long tail keywords would help the bloggers to get good SERP. I used Google keyword tool, and now keyword planner. Even though it is little confusing, hope it would help the bloggers in great way.

    thanks for sharing this post!

  9. Many bloggers will find it very hard to understand the new Google keyword planner but with time they will surely get to know about it and let go off it setback.

    • Prince Molak says:

      Yea,thats true, i was an addict to the formal keyword tool, but it took me less than 30 minutes to figure out how keyword planner works

  10. Especially with the retirement of the Google keyword research tool, most people are going to find it hard researching for a good keyword and most good alternatives are premium packages.

    • Prince Molak says:

      Yea, i agree with you Desmond!!! have you tried google Keyword planner? Do You think its a bit complicated than Google Keywords tool

  11. Hey Prince,
    I was underestimating the power of Keyword research yet. You’ve combined all the important stuffs into a blog post.

    Thanks for a great share!!

    • Prince Molak says:

      Its a pleasure Saeed,as a Blogger, You shouldnt under estimate keyword research, its the main key to getting Search Engine traffic

  12. aris jay says:

    This is basic and you nailed it all! Keep it up :)Thanks for sharing this post to us!

  13. Ryan Biddulph says:

    I use Google’s tool but know that third party apps can make your life easier. Excellent share here Prince with a nice keyword solution. Thanks!

  14. great post you have here, it is indeed useful to to get good keywords to also rank for.
    thanks for the post, it very useful

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    Thanks for the in-depth information on Keyword Research. It was very useful to understand and hereafter, I’m going to keyword search and then write article accordingly as it would be as for to rank low competition keywords.

    • Prince Molak says:

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  16. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan says:

    I am finding it so difficult to come up with the best titles and urls in the absence of Google adwords tool
    Have you ever used Market Samurai? It is very similar to the Adwords tool
    Long tail pro is too expensive and difficult to use for me. Besides, It requires MOZ membership which costs another $99 a month

    • Prince Molak says:

      have never tried market Samurai and since you said it is similar to adword tool, i guess i dont need to try it, Long tail Pro is still the best to me, moz membership is not compulsory, you can still get a lot of details without it

  17. This a good post, i like it….More grease to your elbow!

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