5 Easy Ways To Make Money On Youtube Without Adsense

By Dennis Hooper | Youtube

Mar 08

Fast Ways To Earn Money Online From YouTube

YouTube is popularly known as a video sharing platform but it can also be used to make money online. In this post, am going to take you through how to make Money from YouTube with your Youtube channel – by uploading informational videos, explainer videos, personal cam videos etc.

How To Make Money Online On Youtube

Making Money online from YouTube is very easy all that is required of you is to create quality youtube videos that people will like to watch and share with their friends, and you make money.

I must confess to you, nothing in this world is easy to achieve, so to make money from youtube you have to take your time to create Good contents. Content is the king they would say.But When It comes To Youtube,the content is Your Videos. Create Quality Videos and You will make More Money.

Top Five Ways To make Money from YouTube

  1. Make Money On Youtube With Adsense

    The easiest way to make money from youtube is through adsense. Adsense is an online advertisement which is owned by Google, it is a program which shows advertisement on its publishers page, but in this case, it shows the ads on your youtube videos. You are being paid for each click generated by your video viewers. The moremake money on youtube the number of views your ads generates, the higher the probability of earning more money from Youtube. You can read more about adsense here. This type of youtube monetization works best for everyone, regardless of the number of views your videos generates per day.                                                                                                              Must Read : What IS Google Adsense

  2. Earn Money On youtube selling Affiliate products

    It is also very possible to make money on youtube by selling e products that are related to your youtube video. Lets say your YouTube video is on how to loose weight, you can as well include Links to an affiliate page or to a your sales page where you sell a weight Loss product, so with this there is probability that when someone watches your Video, he or she might end up buying your product and with that you make Money on YouTube. The more the videos you produce the more money you make on YouTube.

  3. Make Money With YouTube Views With Reviews

    This is a bit related to point number 2 but the only difference there is that you make money on youtube by creating Videos which will be aimed at reviewing a particular product that you have used or that you want to recommend to people. I have seen a couple of such videos on YouTube and its usually very profiting. All you need do is to search for hot products from affiliate websites such as click bank and Amazon and then create a video reviewing that product. So in your description details, you include your affiliate Link to the product you reviewed, so after being mesmerized by your review, there is a greater chance that any one who view your video will click On your description link to buy the product You reviewed. But to make More Money on YouTube which this strategy make sure You Give ONLY positive reviews of the product, giving a negative review of a product might scare your viewers from Buying

Do you have a YouTube account Loaded with videos? Comment here with your Youtube username and let me watch some of Your videos, I Love videos, what about You????

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