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  1. karthikaqpt says:

    its really great article,Thanks for sharing.Watch some Tips for Earning Money from your YouTube Videos

  2. Khai says:


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  3. nick says:

    Hey man what’s up. I am a youtuber trying to make money off my videos but can’t use adsense because I don’t have a website. So i am finding other ways to money off of my videos. I found this and thought it pretty cool, I read and it didn’t make a whole lot of sense but I kinda got it. Here is my youtube username, hopefully you’ll find a way that can make me money. Username: Fire soul 15

    • Prince Molak says:

      Can You Pls Share your Ghost Seeing Experience WIth ME? SOme of your videos looks cool, most especially you catching your Brother Stealing your Stuff, I can See Adsense Ads on your Videos Already, For Videos like That your Brother stealing stuff, you can include an affiliate Link to Amazon for people to buy the Camera that caught your Brother in Action and some other techy stuff that was used in Spying on Him

      • Nick says:

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  4. Vailk says:

    Hey Prince I have been thinking to start youtube channel so is preparing for some video. This blog helped my understanding how to mak emoney on yotube. Thanks

  5. Corey says:


    That is my first video I did, last year in October.
    I got banned from Google adsense because of the website I use to own, getting click bombed.
    I have unsuccessfully appealed it 12 times now.
    I’m looking to monetize my channel. And would really like ads adsense. Not sure how to get unbanned as I did nothing wrong.
    But, feel free to check out all my videos. Let me know what you think? Any suggestions, etc.

  6. ravi prakash says:

    i need some help regarding monetization.
    It is showing copyrighted item in the video

  7. Dylan Passey says:

    Dude. I need help. can you help me, cause I need to do this so that I can support myself. My parents barely give me an allowance, and I cant find work, so help me find out what I am doing wrong. My channel name is ElderPvP.

  8. Andy Rage says:

    Hello, this is my music YouTube channel.
    I could do with more views, could you have a quick look and maybe let me know what I am doing wrong?
    I have followed so many steps in order to get more interest but so far nothing is working!

    This is the link


    Thank you in advance.

    • Prince Molak says:

      Hello Andy, I listed to Reality( Watch it Crumble) and I was moved by the lyrics of the song, you are indeed a talented Artist, May the SOul OF your Departed Friend Rest in Peace.
      Back to the main Issue, I think the best way to make your Youtube Music get more views is to try send message to Youtubers with huge Music lover subcrivbers, there are also certain channels on youtube that are exclusively for Musics and Raps, you can message the channel owner and give them the permission to feature your music on their channel, Some of them might request for money but the end result in the long run is the massive popularity you will gain and this will assit in getting yourself a name in the Music industry thereby giving you more youtube views and more income in the long run

  9. hi, so i have a problem with my adsense account, so the problem is I used my gmail account to join adsense with my former website that doesn’t really have anything in it, so i wasn’t allowed to use the adsense, so now i have a youtube channel that i believe has enough detail on, but then i can’t change the websites…please i hope you understand and help …thanks

  10. jaydon torres says:

    Let me know what you guys think of my video edits on youtube.

  11. Prajwal says:
  12. ads4naira says:

    yess dat gud note pls help me in my youtube videos via adsence account

  13. Sattwik says:

    i know it’s more than year scince the last comment. Its just I am still 17, and need to wait another year for adsnese, thanks to your post i signed up for qa number of posts…Thanks a lot
    My username is coolkid37811, i ve been on youtube for like 8 years now(with a break) but still haven’t got recognition. Would be glad if watched a couple of the videos and gave some feedback
    Thanks again 🙂

  14. I’m just trying to start up my youtube channel again, but I can’t use adsense since I’m not 18. any help?

    • Prince Molak says:

      I will advice you look for an affiliate program that accept under 18 and then promote them via your Youtube channel, more also, you can also get someone that is over 18 to sign up on your behalf. Happy Earnings, do let me know if you have further questions, I’ll be more than glad to help you out. Add me on Skype Via princeakinyemi_1

  15. Regina says:

    hi! I’m new for youtube monetization. and I only have live video.
    Btw, thanks for your sharing 🙂

  16. jaydensmithFX says:

    i am wanting some more views so i can get paid if you can help that would be amazing

  17. rahul says:

    you will find how easy it is to make allot of money from YouTube without AdSense.

    AdSense is awesome way how to earn money but it is by far to time consuming to see your first income but with affiliate marketing instead you will see results quickly.

  18. Maria says:

    Great Post on how Yuo can make money with You Tube…great tips…Have to learn to make good videos after getting my blog producing…As Usual thank-You Guru Prince Molak..You’re great…Gratitude, Love & Blessings
    Maria Lash

  19. Nirmala says:

    Useful post for those who want to make money online.

    Yeah, I know, it is possible to make huge money from you tube videos if we have Adsense account.

    One of my friend is earning decent income every month with it. He is suggesting me to do the same to earn more.

    I hope, I’ll implement it soon.

    keep sharing the information Prince 🙂

    • Prince Molak says:

      Yea,ts better for you to start implementing it now ma because the competition is getting more fierce,thanks for coming here once again ma

  20. Emmanuel says:

    I of course do see Adsense on Youtube videos! Making money online is everyone’s dream not just bloggers but also for video creators!

  21. I also love videos as you, specially some interesting tutorials for funny videos. Very nice ways of earning from youtube. Will surely try them. Thanks for the share!

  22. marilyn cada says:

    unfortunately for me i cannot use my adsense since i was rejected. adsense is now stricter in terms of application. if youtube allows adsense alternatives, this site will serve as a more viable tool to earn money online since not all users have adsense accounts

  23. These are indeed great ways to make money on Youtube. Reviewing affiliate products and even monetizing the video with adsense is a great trick. You can even combine the three methods in one video and earn from multiple streams.

  24. Really very useful tips for me.. I was searchin for this. thank you for sharing

  25. Mosam Gor says:

    Hello Prince,

    Great Share.!

    thanks for the informative and useful post. this post is really useful for who really making money online 🙂

    stay updated and stay rocking 😉 😛


  26. Thaha says:

    Hey Bro! I’m familiar with adsense but not with other too do that really works especially review method

  27. Pawan says:

    YouTube videos are really great ways of making money. You just need to know how to market the product through them.

    Thanks Prince for talking about the possible ways of making money through YouTube.

  28. That’s true Prince. We see more and more video promotion in YouTube and people find it really effective.

    Don’t know how well Adsense can perform to earn some decent money out of your videos in Youtube, but review videos and selling your own product must work great.

    Thanks for bringing in the topic into discussion.

    • Prince Molak says:

      Yea, most Youtube channel owners use Google adsense for monetizing their Videos,and if its not performing well,most of them will not bu using it. Its nice to see you here again

  29. ailidh says:

    Very good blog!

    It’s very helpful!

    added you on google+ take care!

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