Niche Marketing Strategy That Works

Niche marketing can be defined as an act of buying or marketing a product or service that is within an area of demand. The name “Niche” was taken from biological name which is defined which means an area which is occupied by an organisms, how it ( the organism) affects the environment and how the environment affects it.niche marketing

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So looking at it more closely, we will see that niche marketing is a Specific area of demand with which people sell or buy a product or service. Niche marketing is applicable to anyone planning to make money online, if you have read any of my affiliate marketing or blogging post, you will discover that I do emphasize the fact that you need to choose a particular niche before you can make it big online.

How to Choose An Affiliate OR Blog niche

I was discussing with a friend of my who wanted to make money Blogging and he was asking me how he can choose a niche market to blog on. Choosing a niche market is one problem most people face in there quest to make money online from blogging or affiliate marketing. When I started my first blog, it was a multi niche blog, I found it hard to monetize, I was posting everything post-able ranging from health, to insurance, to social marketing and all sorts. Not until I choose a niche market that I started making More money Online.

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To choose a niche market

, the first thing you need to do is to study yourself and discover what you have passion for. If you choose a niche that is out of your passion, you will soon become bored with it and with that, you might find it hard to make money Online. So lets say after discovering what you have passion, you finally decided to go into the “Make Money Online Niche”.

The next thing you need to do after that is to make a keyword research of the Niche you are going to see how feasible it is. One good way of discovering this is by doing keyword research. A keyword research tool such as the Google keyword research will show you how many people are searching for such terms monthly and how they are searching for it. The more the number of monthly searches, the higher your chance of making Money from it.niche marketing1

Examples OF niche Markets

Niche markets exist both in the online and offline world but since these blog I more concerned about making Money Online, the following are examples of the best online Niche Market one can engage in:

  1. How to Make Money Online
  2. Health Niche
  3. News Niche
  4. Insurance Niche

So look before you leap, discover your talent and choose a niche that as lots of potential customers whom you can promote your Good or Service to.


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