Reasons Why You should Start A Blog

By Dennis Hooper | Make Money Online

Jul 25

If you’ve never dream of starting up your own blog, then here are some reasons why you need do. Over the years, i have met lots of people who keep asking me the reasons why i have chosen to a be a Blogger,so this Post is an answer to their question,apart from that,this Post is also aimed at inspring you to start up Your own Blog now, so that You wont regret it later.

Are you still contemplating on starting your own Blog? here are some reason why you need to:Start a Blog


You Can Make Money

One major reason why most people start up their own blog is to make money Online as a blogger. if you are one of those who have a 9-4 day job and yet,you are still having problem financially,then i think you should start up your own blog. Gone are those days,when people blog for the fun of it,but today,it as really assisted lots of people to achieve there financial dreams.

Help Other people

One other major reason why should start up your own blog is to help other people. i am a kind of person that really loves helping others, and if you’v also got that gene of helping others flowing in your Vein,then i think its high time you started your own blog, blogging is really fun, and the more you help others,the more you see people to assist your in real life.

It Widens Your Knowledge

The more you write as Blogger,the more you become knowledgeable on the field you are writing on. As a Blogger,you write articles occasionally,the more you write,the more you become more knowledgeable,you also can become a resource on that particular field.

It Gives You Popularity

There are thousands of People today who are Popular because of the Blog they run,most of them appear are usually featured On big television Stations Like Cnn,Bloomberg etc, if not for their Blog, they wouldnt have gain Much popularity, example of Such Bloggers Include Ana Hoffman Of traffic Generation Cafe, Ms.Ileane Smith of BBT, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, Darren Rowse of Problogger, and a host of others. SO if you want to be known all over the World,then  guess you need to start up your Own Blog,write Epic Content and people From all over the World will read Your Posts and you become popular

Connect With Other people

When you run a Blog,you have the chance of meeting and chatting with people from all over the World. As a Blogger,i have friends in countries that I have never being before, and we are so intimate that i enjoy chatting with them. At times,i neglect my so called Local friends for My Blogging Friends. Why?  that is because we share the same dream and we are aspiring for the same goal and as such, we assist ourselves when there is a need to.One of such My international friend is AMaan Rizwan of TechAnger

Blogging Is Fun

Yea,most Bloggers will tell You that Blogging is fun but there are some that will disagree with You. But i will rather stay in the middle, so if you really want to have fun,then start a blog.


Are you now convinced on reasons why you need to start your Own Blog? If yes, then i am here to help You. Starting from tomorrow ( 26 of July,),i will be starting a new series On OMD,titled Guide To Blogging, GTB for short,it will be aimed at teaching Both Newbie and experienced Bloggers how they can run their own Blog and make More Money Online Blogging,i have created an archive for GTB here,so You can always come there to check out My wonderful Posts on GTB, alternatively,make sure You Like Our fanpage On facebook,and also subscribe to Our Feeds,so as to be alerted as soon as each Post is Made.. Thanks…………

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