Search Engine Submission: How To Submit Your Blog To Search Engines

There are several websites that offers seo search engine submission, in this Blog post, I will be discussing with you How to submit your blog/Website to Google, Yahoo and Bing Webmaster Tools manually.

Submitting your blog/websites to search engines is actually one of the compulsory stuff you must do while doing SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) for your blog. Often times, I get mails from OMD blog readers asking me how they can get search engine traffic to their blog, but it saddens me that Most of the blog post on such blogs are yet to be indexed by Google and other search engines. How can your Site get ranked on Google and Yahoo when your website content is not in there index?

Apart from getting indexed by the search engines, one other reason why you should submit your blog or website to search engines is that it allows you to see the search keywords (queries)  your site is probably ranking for and how often it is being clicked. With that, you will know where to direct your SEO effort so as to get to the first result on the first page of the search engines.

By submitting your blog to webmaster tools, you can also see where and how your blog posts are being linked within your website and from other websites.

Without Much Ado, lets get started.

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How To Submit Your Blog/Website To Google Webmaster Tool

What is Google Webmaster Tool?

“According to Wikipedia “Google Webmaster Tools is a no-charge web service by Google for webmasters. It allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their websites. It has tools that let the webmasters: Submit and check a sitemap.”


How to Add Your Blog to Google Webmaster Tool

To add submit your blog/website to Google webmaster tool, you must have a gmail account. Kindly go to to get your self one. Upon registering a gmail, you will have to sign in to your Google webmaster tool account with the same username and password you use in signing up for your gmail account. Kindly go to to sign in to google webmaster tool.


After signing in to your Google webmaster Tool account, click on “Add A site” as shown in the Image below



Enter the URL of your website/Blog and Click on “Continue”


How to Add your blog to Google Webmaster tool
How to Add your blog to Google Webmaster tool

You will be redirected to a Verification page. The essence of this page is to ascertain if you are truly the owner of the Blog/website you are submitting to Google Webmaster Tool.


Click on the Alternate method and Then Select HTML tag.


How to Add your blog to Google Webmaster tool
How to Add your blog to Google Webmaster tool

If the Blog or website you are trying to submit to GWT is hosted on WordPress, all you need do is install WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. You can download and install it here and install it on your Blog in a new tab.


From the Plugin dashboard, Scroll down and paste the HTML tags you copied earlier from Google webmaster Tool and then Click on “ Save Changes”.


picture showing How to Add your blog to Google Webmaster tool
How to Add your blog to Google Webmaster tool


Go back to the Google Webmaster page and Click on “VERIFY”, you should receive a message like the one below.


picture showing How to Add your blog to Google Webmaster tool
How to Add your blog to Google Webmaster tool

Upon the verification of your site ownership, you should scroll down and click on “Sitemap”

How to Add your blog to Google Webmaster tool
Add sitemap to Google webmaster

and add your blog sitemap, if your blog is a WordPress blog and you have WordPress SEO plugin by yoast installed, your sitemap should be and for blogger blogs, your sitemap is likely






Note: Ensure that you have at least a Blog Post On Your Blog before adding your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool


After  a few days of adding your Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools, you should have something like this



How To Add Your Blog/Website to Yahoo and Bing Webmaster Tool

You submit your blog/website for yahoo and bing on the bing webmaster tool dashboard. The process is  quite similar to that Google webmaster tool.


  1. Create a Microsoft Account
  2. Go to Bing Webmaster Tools and Sign in with your Microsoft account details
  3. Upon login in, Click on “Add a Site”How to Add your blog to Bing Webmaster tool
  4. Enter the URL of your Blog
  5. You should be redirected to a page that Looks like the below,Add your blog to Bing Webmaster tool enter your blog/website sitemap
  6. Click on “Add” and you will directed to a page where you will confirm your ownershipbing3
  7. Choose the HTML tag and add it to your blog using WordPress SEO by yoast as shown above

    How to Add your blog to Bing Webmaster tool
    How to Add your blog to Bing Webmaster tool
  8. For Blogger users, login to your Blogger dashboard and click on” Template” then edit html, Search for <head> using  CTRL +F, then add  the HTML tag after it.
  9. Go back to Bing Webmaster and click on “Verify”
  10. You should See something Like This


What Next After Submitting your Blog/website to Webmaster Tool?

Mere submitting your blog/webmaster tool is not an excuse to neglect all other search engine optimization tips, here are some tips you shouldn’t neglect:

  1. Meta Title and Description :  Your meta title is a very strong search engine ranking factor, you should ensure that your title contains the main keyword you want your blog/website to rank for . And for your Meta description, its should contain your main keywords and synonyms of your Keywords. You can read my Post on How To Get Keywords here. You can also Download Rank Tracker  to do your Keyword Research and Track your best performing keywords on search Engines

Download Rank Tracker here

  1. Backlinks:  Though the issue of wether backlinks still work for search engine ranking is debatable, but based on my research with my Amazon Ecomerce Stores,backlinking is still a vital search engine factor and should not be neglected. One easy tip to get backlinks is to analyze the pages of your competitor using Seo Spy Glass, then head over to where they get there backlinks and get your too from there.

Download SEO spyglass Here

For those who are finding it hard to submit there blog to search engines even after reading this post, I can assist you in doing that for a Little fee.

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In my next post, I will be sharing with you how to easily get ranked on the 3 major search engine,make sure you keep an eye on this blog till then. Happy new year









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