How Students Can make Money Online

make money studentMaking Money Online as been the wish of many people including students, most students need money to pay for there school fees, settle bills and live a very good Life. As at the time of writing this Post, I am a college student and I Have been making Money Online, though, not that Huge amount, because My school work will not give me the chance, but the bottom line, is that it is possible for students to make Money Online. And in this posts, I will be taking you through how students can make money Online without it affecting there education.

 People make Money Online from the goods they sell or the service product they promote. There are thousand and one ways to make Money online as a student, but here is the best 2 Ways I will recommend to any student:

  • Become A blogger: blogging is the best way to make extra money online for students . As a  student, I make Money online on my Blog through advertisement placement most especially from Google adsense, I also make money as a student by Promoting affiliates products On My Sites, I sign Up for affiliates Networks and promote this affiliate product On My blog. One interesting thing about making Money Online as a blogger is that, unlike other models, it allows You make Money Online even when you are in class receiving a lecture. It works on autopilot. All You need do is to write quality articles at your leisure time, post them, and you make Money. The more the articles you write, the more traffic you get, then the more money You make. Apart from that, blogging also widens Your knowledge about the particular scope your are Blogging On. For example, just of recent, I wrote a post about Cancer as a guest post on a blog, the following day in class, My Biology teacher came to the class and he was meant to teach us that same topic. “cancer”. Immediately, he asked us for what cancer was, I was the first student to stand up and I explained in detail what cancer is all about. Just as I was explaining, the principal came in and was surprised that a student can give such a great detail about cancer, to cut the Story Short, She gave me some bucks. So Blogging is the best way to make Money Online as a student. Students who want to make Money Online from Blogging should check out the following posts on How to start Blogging.

                   Must read:>>>>>>> HOW TO Create And Start a Blog

How To Make Money Online As a Blogger.

make Money online studentFreelancing: you make money as a freelancer by completing Online tasks Online, such tasks might include assisting students with                                                                 assignment, writing articles for people, helping people with designs and all sort. It can be stressful when compared with Blogging, and yet, the pay is not that High.

Unlike Blogging that allows you to make money even when You are sleeping, freelancing does not. You work for Money, and you won’t  get paid unless You satisfy Your Employer. If you are considering making Money Online as a freelancer, check out The Following posts:

Over To You:

Which are you going to go for, freelancing or Blogging??

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Dennis Hooper is an internet geek, specializing in affiliate marketing and other online money making strategies. He helps individuals to earn money online through legit and proven methods.


  1. I am very glad why because i make money online to sponsor my education, i know that is not easy to be a man but the more you work hard the more you enjoying.

  2. This is just want am looking for molak, how students can make money online this will help us as student to earn some bucks while going to school, thank molak

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