Supernova Method Review

Supernova Method is the latest product published by the Chroma bit Team which is aimed at assisting people with earning more money online. The product is authored by Jacqueline Lee and Shane Nathan in this post we will be making a review of the Supernova method and why you should buy it.

Before taking you through what Supernova method and how you can use to increase your online income, let me tell you a bit about Chromabit-the publisher.

Chromabit has been online for a while publishing several Digital books most especially those that are tailored to making more money online. They are the publisher of several game changing affiliate books including the Boomerang Method, which was once the best Selling Product in the Internet Marketing Niche. They have made over 16,000 sales online from Warrior Plus alone in 5 months. Selling 16k units of product between January and Now shows how knowledgeable they are when it comes to Earning Money Online.

The Supernova method product shows you how Jacqueline Lee ,Shane Nathan and some other people made about 40,000 in a month selling affiliate Product.

Supernova method

There are about 7 modules in Supernova method, the first three modules exposes you into the World of Affiliate marketing, even if you have already started affiliate marketing, there are certain Shocking Stuffs about Affiliate you probably did not know of that you will find in SuperNova method.

Infact, in Module 4 of SuperNova method, Jacqueline Lee and Shane Nathan went ahead to teach how you can create your own Product. Before now, I use to think creating affiliate products is time consuming and expensive, but from SuperNova method, there is an easy way to create your own Product and make people hungry for it.

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Module 5 and Six of the Supernova method shows how to generate traffic from a Cheap and Easy source. Many think facebook and google traffic are the best for promoting  products, but from Supernova method, you will learn other unknown method of generating an ALMOST free and Converting Traffic to your Product or affiliate product depending on the model you choose.

Have you heard of Desmong Ong? Desmond is the guy who became successful selling affiliate product  by using the retargeting method. One of the bonuses you will be given for purchasing the Supernova method is an interview with Desmond, the interview alone is mind blowing and will expose you to several ways by which you can make use of retargeting ads to generate more sales online and increase your income.

Finally, Supernova method is less than $5 and there is a Money back Guarantee, you can read more about it here


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