SwagBucks Review|How To Earn Legit Money On Swag Bucks

This post is basically a review of swagbucks, how it works and most importantly how to earn money from it legitimately. I’ve received several email request from my readers asking me about swagbucks, some are asking if Swag bucks is legit while others are concerned on how to earn more swagbucks rewards, so I will try to make justice to this two questions in this post

What is SwagBucks?

Swag bucks as been around for a while and it are a site that pays you for performing different tasks which include but not limited to filing survey forms and playing games online.

How Does Swag bucks Work

Swagbucks.com is programmed to give its users points known as swagbucks rewards for each task that you complete, this points accumulate over time and once you get 450 points , you can then withdrawal it via Amazon gift card of a $5 value or through your paypal account

Is Swagbucks Legit?

This is a question I get from my readers every now and then, most people are doubting if swagbucks is a scam or not. Well, I’m pleased to inform you that swagbucks is legit and it is not a scam, several people including me have been paid by swagbucks, the image below is a snapshot of someone’s payment from SwagBucks to is PayPal account, so Keep calm, Swag bucks is real and Safe

swagbucks paypal payment

          How to Earn Money with SwagBucks

Like I Said Earlier, there are several ways by which you can earn money online with SwagBucks, here are 6 of them

Earn Money With Swag Bucks Amazon: Swagbucks is an associate of Amazon and as such, you can earn swagbucks rewards for each product you buy in amazon through its affiliate link. When you buy stuffs on Amazon through SwagBucks, amazon pays Swagbucks a certain commission on the total product you bought, swagbucks will in turn then share with you a percentage of the money amazon gave them. You get paid 3 Swagbucks point for each dollar you spend on Amazon

Swagbucks Surveys: One other cool way you can make an income online as a teenager on Swagbucks is by participating in its surveys, there are hundreds of surveys you can access on your swagbucks, you can accumulate lots swagbucks rewards by participating in these surveys.

earn money with swagbucks-surveys

Make money With Swagbucks Search: Swagbucks also have a search feature which is linked with your yahoo search engine and it is the easiest way to earn swagbucks rewards, so next time you want to search for something online, you can do that through swagbucks, you will be paid in points for each search query you make, one easy way by which you can dramatically increase your points through swagbucks is to ensure that you make Swagbucks search your default search engine on your browser.



Make Money Online Playing Games on Swagbucks

If you are the type that loves playing games, you can also make money online by playing games on Swagbucks, there are about 4 different games on swagbucks, you can also get swagbuck points by playing these games

Swagbucks Videos

One other fascinating thing about swagbucks is that you can earn from them legitimately by watching videos on them. I’m the type of guy that really loves watching Videos and for each video I watch on Swagbucks, I get Swagbucks point which I use in redeeming Amazon gift cards.

They have these main categories of videos you can watch on swagbucks

  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Food
  • Music
  • News
  • Home & Garden
  • Pets & Travel

Printing Grocery Store Coupons

With swagbucks, you can have access to lots of coupons that can be redeemed at grocery stores, you will also get about 3 swagbucks points for each coupon you redeem. So you are making more money in two ways, one is by reducing the cost of your groceries through the use of Swagbucks coupons and the other is by earning swagbucks points for redeeming the coupon.


How to Get Paid On Swagbucks

There are various payment on swagbucks, but the one I use mostly is by redeeming my point for Amazon gist card, you get a $5 amazon gift card for every 450 points you have. Aside that, you can also be paid by swagbucks through their PayPal payment system.



Swagbucks is a cool place to make an extra income online, so teenagers and stay at home moms can make a little revenue from Swagbucks, but it definitely not for those who would love to make thousand of dollars online monthly, if you are the type that type of person, I will advice you read any of the following post to Learn how to make huge amount of money online.

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  1. This is a good article about swag bucks site, I am a member of it but never knows all these multiple ways to earn. However for Indians videos are not available but get very few survey opportunities. Anyway it is an informative article.

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