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  1. Very unfortunate and quite pathetic that a group of fools will sit and crank up fraudulent tricks on how to dupe innocent folks all in the name of been smart. People in the spirit of goodwill and sense of responsibility want to atleast for once make legitimate money online not knowing that they are falling into the hands of these hudlums who disguise as angels, well the repercussions awaits. Bottom line, it is all a scam good folks, please look elsewhere. Thanks
  2. I saw and signed up. Started sharing the referrals and seeing the online earnings go up in a minute. I got the 300$ in a less than 2 hours then I discovered the website is completely static. Nothing is clickable, you cannot request any information. It's a total scam Adaorah
  3. mother fucking scammers i was in need of money and this is what i get when i get my hands on those bastards i will kill them
  4. Taskmineclub is not real. It is nothing but a S. C. A. M, my earnings have grown up to $398 but I can't withdraw. Rather I end up getting 'page not available ' message.

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