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How To get Facebook fans

imagesGetting real and targeted facebook fans on an fb page as really been a problem to most fb users, most especially bloggers. The importance of getting facebook fans cannot be underestimated when it comes to generating social media traffic to your Blog or website. For any online money generation technique that you follow or practice, the main important thing is getting traffic.
As we all know that facebook is one of the largest social network that we ever have on Mother earth, it is a platform for those who want to increase their online revenue a it allows them to promote their goods and services to a larger audience. And one major way by which this can be achieved is by getting lots of Real and targeted fans on your facebook Page.
I want to believe that you already have a facebook fanpage, because am going to focus mainly on how you can get more facebook fans both the free ways and the paid ways not on how to open a facebook fanpage.

Free Ways to get facebook Fans

For those who would like to get free targeted and real facebook fans on their fanpage, here are some ways by which you can go about it.
1. Create More Awareness For your Page On Your Blog: The only key to getting more facebook like is by making people aware that you have a facebook fanpage, one great way by which you can create such awareness is by Writing up a post about it and urging your blog readers to Like You facebook fanpage, with that, I can assure you of getting real and targeted facebook like on your page. Apart from writing a post about it, you can also add a facebook like box to your blog side bar and a facebook like button below your blog post will also help.
2. Be proud of your page: Sharing your page on facebook and other social is also a cool way to get more fb likes. But make sure you get a facebook username for your blog, you can also create a sub domain and redirect it to your facebook page, I mean something like yourblog.com/fb. So it is now left to you to decide those who you want to like your facebook fanpage, if your Blog about “Insurance”, then go to insurance forums and share your fb page there, if you really want your fb likes to be targeted to your niche or country, then make sure your share your fb page at the appropriate place.
3. Talk To other page owners: There are lots of facebook page owners whose fans might be interested in stuffs you post on your blog, all you need do is to contact them and beg them you share your facebook page on there page. Most of them will decline, but some will definitely do.
The draw back to using free ways to generate facebook fans is that, it can be stressful and time consuming. The result might also not be encouraging


images11For those on a very high budget and would want more facebook fans, then paying for them will help;
1. Order for it On Fiverr: there are lots of people who can get You facebook likes on fiverr, the problem I have with them is that, most of the facebook fans they will give you are not real and targeted, infact, most of them will unlike back your page within few days, it can also lead to facebook banning, your page, I wouldn’t advise you to go for that, but its defibately one of the ways of getting more facebook fan
2. Use Fb ads: With facebook ads, you can get real and targeted facebook like on your fb fanpage, you choose the category and even the country you want your fans to come from, you Pay facebook and your ads will be show. The problem with this is that most people don’t know how to use facebook ads and they waste lots of money In their quest to get more Likes

The Best Solution- Buy facebook fans

The best solution to getting more targeted and real facebook fan is by hiring skilled and experienced processionals to get facebook more facebook fans for you. For over two years, We at OnlineMoneyDon, as assisted over 500 individuals and Business owners to get facebook Like and fans to their fanpage, Our price is affordable, we charge just 0.10 for each fan, and our result speaks. We have gotten contract from Individuals and business organization. The real reason why they kept coming back is that the fb likes and fans that will generate are targeted and real, all you need do is to tell us the kind of fans that you want and we complete the business for You, don’t hesitate to make use of our Contact Us page and hire us to assist you get more fans on fb, remember, facebook hold us potential Customers and our Jon is to link You up with them. We are anxiously waiting for your orders

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Dennis Hooper is an internet geek, specializing in affiliate marketing and other online money making strategies. He helps individuals to earn money online through legit and proven methods.


  1. hi prince. thanks for the suggestions. i prefer fb advertising. and about fiverr, i really wonder how they can get hundreds or thousands of facebook fans within a limited time. same with getting hundreds of twitter fans for five dollars. i want to know their secret 😉

    1. Most of them use fb ads to get huge facebook fans within a short time and there twitter fans are mostly fake

  2. Hi,

    I don’t really believe in buying Facebook fans. After all, you’ll just get the numbers. There won’t be any engagement as these likes would most probably be generated through bots.

    There is one other way of getting more Facebook fans.

    If you know what are the popular products and how to promote them through your giveaway, you can certainly get likes as well as twitter followers.

  3. Linking up is a super way to attract more fans.

    Promote your Fan Page Link across twitter, your FB profile and Google Plus profile to see a nice jump in Fan Count.


    1. I prefer facbeook ads too, though, it might be a nightmare when you live in coutries that dont have good banking system

  4. Another way to get more exposure to your Facebook Page is to add a link or icon in your follow up emails. This is a great way for you to stay connected with those who’ve opted in on your blog and continue to build relationships with them. Plus if you have a fan page you would like more exposure on then you can add it on your blog sidebar to

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