What IS Google Adsense And How Can You Make Money From it

What Is Google Adsense and How Does It Work

What is Google Adsense?

On several occasions, I have met lots of people who want to wants to make money online, but one usual question most of them ask me is What is Adsense, I was once in their shoe because I remember vividly that I started my first blog just because I want to make money online from Adsense , but it was lateron that i learn about about Affiliate Marketing!!!what is adsense

What Is Adsense? Adsense is a contextual ads program which is owned by the search engine giant Google. It is a program which is aimed at helping bloggers to make money online from there blog by displaying advertisement on it. As a blogger or adsense publisher, you get paid by the number of impression or clicks your ads are able to generate. The amount each of your adsense clicks gives you is called CPC meaning Cost Per Click and the amount of impression your ads were able to show up is called CPM, when I say impression, I mean the number of times that your blog visitors were able to see the advertisement being displayed on your blog.

Interestingly, Google adsense does not work mainly for Blog Contents, we have

Google adsense for YouTube : These works mainly for those who have a youtube videos that is generating lots of page views, your ads shows at the top right hand corner of your you tube channel or videos and on some rare occasions, it shows directly infront of your youtube video, with that you can make money Online uploading you tube videos

Google Adsense For Mobile: These is targeted for mobile and other high end phone users, your ads are being displayed to either your blog reader on phone or on some of the app that you build, that is, if you are a mobile developer and you can build mobile applications, Google might actually pay you to show up ads to your app users

Google Adsense For Search: These also works basically for Blog owners, once someone search for a content on your blog using the custom Google search bar on your blog, you get paid for each queries generated.


How Google Adsense Works

Most people use to wonder how Google adsense works, where does Google see the money to pay its adsense publisher?

Adsense as a twin bother called Adwords. Adwords unlike adsense is for advertisers. Advertisers pay Google to show up there ads on blogs or website which is relevant to there niche, so as the Publisher who displays the ads, Google pays you a fixed percentage which they wont want us to announce  of the amount being paid to them by the advertiser.how adsense works

Lets assume, I have an insurance Service that I  am offering and I’d love to create advertisement for my insurance business, all I need do is to sign up for Google Adwords and then create ads. So if you now own a blog on Insurance, Google displays my insurance ads on your blog and then pay you up to 80 percent of the total money I paid o them for the ads.

So, hope you now know What Google adsense is and how it works, don’t forget to subscribe to my Blog to receive more posts on how to sign up for adsense and make more Money with adsense. Thanks


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  1. pls can u help me i want to start blogging but i dont know how to do it and also how to activate my google adsense account how can i do so??
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  2. Hi Prince: Tks for explaining what Adsense is..Everybody uses the term without explaining it…You are a very good teacher, guru, mentor, etc. Now of course I have to follow up reading Your “How to sign up for adsense & make more Money with adsense”. God Bless You & Your work!


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