How To Write A Blog Post

Writing great blog post is the only key to get quality traffic to your blog, without a good blog content, you won’t have anyone reading your post not to talk of people dropping comments.

write great blog content
write great blog content

There are lots of ways to write great blog content that will be appealing to both the search engine robots and your readers, but in this post I will tell you three basic things to consider while building your blog content.

What Are You Blogging ON?

While building your blog, I believe you must have chosen a niche you believe you can cope with and perhaps make money from. Your blog content will depend on the niche you’ve chosen. It is not expected of a person who is in the “Make Money Online Niche” to post content on “Weight Loss Niche”. Most bloggers fail because they have chosen a wrong niche.

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Preparing Your Blog Post

Chose a topic related to your niche or something you felt you wanna post on your blog and make a search query for it on Google. Click on the first five results and open a new tab for each (lets call those five sites your competitor), look through there blogs and see what they are posting related to the search query you’ve made. You are not to copy there post and post it on your blog, but reading through there blogs will give you more insight and perhaps enlighten you more on the topic you want to post on.

Pick up your pen and a sheet of paper or open your notepad and jot down the cogent points in there posts.

Writing Your Own Blog Contents

Remember I said your blog content most be appealing to both your readers and the search engine robots, your blog contents should consist of two major thing- Your Blog Title and your Blog Post

Blog Title

Your Blog title must:

1. Contain the main keyword you want to rank for

2. Most is attractive and catchy that mere seeing your title, people will want to click on it to see its content

Blog Post

Your blog post must be

1. Seo optimized for the search engines so as to get more traffic

2. Well explanative and descriptive and must fulfill your post title, see here for my post on How to write a seo optimized post with Google

Keywords Tool

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So hope you now Know How to write A Blog Post???

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