How to Avoid Online Money Making Scams

The evolution of internet has brought us a lot of opportunities to earn money online. We can work from the comfort of our home and make a living from our computers.

While there are countless money making options online, how can someone find a legitimate money making opportunity?

If you are into the internet for sometime now and learning to earn money online, you know that there are many scam programs that would not make you any money but instead can take money from your pocket.

It is difficult to find genuine online money making methods but not impossible.

I started my online journey 10 years back and came through a lot of scams and genuine money making programs.

There was no one to guide me.

I believed every internet gurus and paid for their scam programs

I was very hopeless and thought I would never make a penny from internet. But I was not ready to give up. I networked with like minded people, we shared our experienced and not to my surprise, I was not the only one who lost money and time by following scam money making programs.

After years of wasting time in different methods to earn income online, I learned a lot about the scope of internet and the legitimate ways of making money from it.


If you are a new person who is trying to find a way to get some extra income from online or trying to make it a full time income, you may be confused on where to start.

If you just search ‘make money online’ in Google, you can see hundreds of money making programs to generate income from internet.

Believe it or not, more than half of them are just online scams! If you are not aware of how to identify a scam programs, you might end up paying cash to them and waste your time.


So how can you find genuine ways to earn online?

In this blogpost, I will try answering that question. These opinions are from my personal experience.


  1. A ‘Software’ that will automatically generate income for you

You can find many advertisements like this in internet. How funny it is? How could a ‘system’ can make money on its own?

Money Making Software

The person behind that ‘money making software’ is asking you to pay for his software and in that way he is making money. You got the logic?

You end up paying for the software and dream for the miracle to happen. But no results.

Do not ever believe that an automated software can make money for you. Earning money online requires strategy, hard work and your involvement.


  1. Online programs that ask for a huge upfront fee

Some programs claim that they will teach you to become an online entrepreneur but you need to pay a big fee in upfront.

Example, you need to pay $10,000 upfront fee for learning the money making program.

It is a huge risk. I am not blaming all such courses. But do you want to take such a high risk?

Start with small steps. Do not hope to become a millionaire within a day, or week , or a month. Aim for $100 a month, then grow it to $200, $300 and go on.


  1. Scam PTC sites

PTC is the shortform for ‘Paid to Click’. There are many PTC sites where you can join for free and earn small revenue for advertisement clicks.

But be cautious. There are only very few genuine PTC sites. Most of the sites are just scams and you would waste a lot of time clicking ads on those sites but without earning any money.

Even if the PTC site is genuine, I do not recommend you to try it. This because, the amount of time you are going to spend is big in these sites. You need to click each advertisement and for each click you earn a very little amount, say .005 cents or something.

So why should you waste your valuable time in PTC sites when there are other cool ways to make big money?

PTC sites are simply a waste of time. You may find it interesting but believe me I had tried many PTC programs and concluded that it is not worth the time.


  1. Money making programs that don’t disclose the process

If the program is genuine and proven, it should explain how you are going to make money from it. I see that many programs claim that they can make me rich but they won’t disclose how they are going to do it or how the program is going to make money. They just don’t disclose what is the practical process behind the program. This is a sign of scam.

I offer blogging course so that people can get a ready made blog and earn from it by regular blogging. It is a proven process of earning money online. There is no rocket science. But I find it very odd that there are many advertisements that tell people that they have a secret system of making money online. Do not ever believe such ‘hidden’ systems.


  1. MLM Programs

MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing. Needless to say that MLM networks are the worse scam platforms. It simply offers you a commission when you refer a new person to the MLM program. These platforms are not at all genuine and you can easily get cheated by their false promises. My advice is to avoid any MLM program that come your way.

Final thoughts

It is a fact that people are earning money online [including myself]. But jumping into every money making courses or softwares will not make any income for you. You would end up in wasting your time and hard earned money. So choose the right path and put your hard work in it. I can tell from my experience that, if you spend a little time committed to the right platforms, you could earn money from internet.


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