How To Get Rich And Famous Overnight

5 FAST ways To Become a Millionaire

get rich overnightEveryone wants to be rich, but not everyone will be rich. In this post, I will be analyzing some things that are responsible for your financial mishap and how you can scale through them and live your life the way you want. A man once said “It’s not your fault if you are born into a poor family, but its your fault if you die as a poor man”. No matter your financial status at the moment, the lack of money is the root of all evil.

There are various ways by which people and organizations determine how rich one is, but to me, Richness should be calculated based on the number of days, months or years that You can survive with your current expenditure rather than the amount of money you are making monthly. That is, how long can you survive if you stopped working?

For Example:

Mr. X and Mr. Y are employees of a Company Z and they are Both earn $ 15,000 as monthly income, Mr X  total expenses for the Month is 7000 while that of Mr Y is 5,000. If they were both retrenched from Company Z, for how long will They survive?

So it can be deduced that MR Y is more rich than MR X, because he can survive for 3 month or more without a salary while MR X can only survive for Two. So even though, they receive the same salary, Mr Y  is three times richer than Mr X.

Over the years, I devoted my time to read the biography of some of the richest people in the world and I was fortunate to discover some things that they are doing and most people have refused to do, some of this things are responsible for  the  Poor financial Condition of those who fail to do them, and as such, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting Poorer, while the middle class are struggling with debt, no matter the category you current financial status is, listed below are some of those things that you have to STOP doing and a list of things that You have to START doing, if you truly want to be rich .

Your Job

get rich nowThe reason why most people have financial problems is because of their Job. A job is a short term solution to a long time problem. Apart from the fact that you wouldn’t have time for your personal life, you are also assisting someone or the government to make money. To make money, you must learn to use other people time. To get revenues, the government employs a huge number of staffs, most as tax collectors, of the Billions of dollars they remit every month to the government; they are being paid less than 0.0001 percent.

The most fascinating thing Is that only a small percentage of the human race have sat down to think about what works on what doesn’t, those who have failed to do so, are the one you see on Television asking the government for a raise or their  boss for an increment in Salary. You will also see them changing from a Job to another with the hope of getting more raise. Have you ever sat down to think about the Millionaires and Billionaires out there? Do they Work for People or People Work for them? Are they Depending On a Monthly Salary for their Financial Problems? A man once said “Thinking is the hardest thing in Life, that’s why only few People engage in it.

Its High time we started thinking outside the Box

The assumption that getting a job is the best way to go out your financial mess is the greatest fallacy of all time- Prince Molak 2013

So if you really want to be rich and famous  you have to start your own Business. While the Middle class and the poor work for money while the rich people have money working for them. With their money, they employ skilled professionals to manage their business for them and pay them peanuts in return.  Most people are afraid of starting their own business because they believe they will fail. In his Book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki said “ The main reason Most People are not rich is because they are terrified of Losing “.

If you have a job and you are thinking of minding your own business instead of building Someone else’s, then I will advice you get a copy of Robert Kiyosaki’ Rich Dad Poor, you can download it here,it explains all what you need to know about having a job and how you can start running your own Business without it affecting your day time.


Financial Education

Being paid or making millions every month does not mean you will live a rich live. Lack of financial education is another reason why most people will never get rich.

What Makes Most People millionaires and billionaires is their financial intelligence, it tells them what to buy and what they shouldn’t. Take a look at the life of most Players, despite earning thousands as wages; most of them will still die with debt hanging on their neck. They have Money but they lack the knowledge on how money should be spent. Apart from Players, most bankers also end of being Poor. Even though, they went to school to learn about finance.  The school focuses on professional and scholastic skills and not financial skills.

If you really want to become rich, you need to invest in your financial education; these can be achieved by attending Business Seminars, buy and read books. Basically, I will advise You Get a Copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad and also Think are Grow Rich, these are guides that will assist you in developing your financial intelligence.



You are the architect of your Life, your Life is in Your hand, its never too late to start a Business and to Invest in Your financial education. Mere reading this Post without applying its lesson will be a waste of time. So what are You Waiting For?

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I’m doing this so as to assist you in becoming financially independent. See you at The Top


Over To You

Do you have any contrary opinions to what I have listed above, comment and let the discussion begin.



  1. Hi Prince,

    Solid tips! Work on your mindset. As within so without, meaning that as you choose to think and feel rich – despite appearances – you will act inspired and see more wealth in your life.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. I dont wanna give oput the ebook for free,thats why I need you to buy those ones on amazon with my affiliate link after which I compensate you with the $3,000 ebook, so if you have those books already,then buy anything worth 30 dollars or more via this link, after which im gonnna send you the ebook, here is the Link again

  2. There’s no way you can become rich overnight. You must work really hard in order to gain some respect in your niche and thereafter convert your loyal customers into sales.

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