Make Money from YouTube; The Only Guide You Need

[This post was last updated on Oct 01, 2018]

You are frustrated!

You know it is possible to make money from YouTube. You even created a channel and started uploading videos on a daily basis. You roam around and dropped the links to your videos wherever you can on the social media.

Still, the number of views didn’t even touch three digits for a single video.

Can you relate to it? Are you experiencing a drought for views? Well, I have crafted this guide especially for you. Let me help you build your online castle and earn money from YouTube.

How to Earn Money from YouTube?

Let me break it out for you. Making money from YouTube isn’t a walk in the park. You can’t just create a video on anything and walk away with a million dollar overnight.

You have to work hard on a regular basis. Yeah, that’s all it takes. Are you ready to take this journey with me? Brace yourself!

Step 1: Find a Niche for YouTube

A niche simply means the main topic you are going to create videos on. I am not saying you need to rely upon a single topic to make videos. YouTube allows you to publish content on any topic anytime you want. Still, selecting a specific niche helps you increase your subscriber count.

So, how can you select a niche?

You might think.

PewDiePie has hell lots of followers and views for every video. Hence, I am going to start a comical daily vlogs channel.

Good for you! But have you even realized your ‘make-others-laugh’ skill?  If it’s pathetic, your channel is not going to make a buzz in the YouTube world.

Did you give up? Let me tell you the recipes of a good niche.

Passion+ Scope+ Knowledge= A good niche

Yeah, you heard it right. You have to be passionate and knowledgeable about a topic. Moreover, it should have the scope to bring audience and scale in the future.

You are not passionate about anything??

No, you are wrong! Look at this guy. He just wanders around and eats food. Then, make videos about the food. He got an audience to watch him eat and talk about food.

Do you still think you don’t have what it takes to find a niche? I can mention countless weird channels on the YouTube, which make videos on topics you don’t even think anyone can.

Think about the things you love. Computers? Songs? Love? Books? Games?

Anything! You can choose anything. Once you get such a topic, just go to YouTube and search for a channel that matches the niche of yours. You can find at least a few, you are on the right track. Even if you don’t find anything like yours and you still want to create one, you can experiment.

Step 2: Create a YouTube Channel

I hope you have landed on a niche that you are passionate about. Now you need to create a YouTube channel.

First, go to and login with your gmail account. Once you log in, you can see the My Channel link on the left sidebar. Clicking on it brings you to another page, where you get a button to create a new channel that says Create Channel.

You have to provide a few details like channel name, description, etc. here. The name should be catchy enough to evoke curiosity among people. Of course, you can give your name to the channel. But I recommend finding a unique one.

Inside the channel description, add details about what you are dealing with. You must also upload a channel art (just like Facebook timeline photo.

Clueless about creating a channel art? Find a few templates here.

Step 3: Research for Ideas and Develop a Content Strategy

Why do you want to create videos? To make money!

When can you make money? Only when your videos are viewed by real people (not bots)!

The key to making viral videos is focusing on topics people like to see. You might have heard the saying, content is king.

You can use different keyword researching tools like to find trending keywords for YouTube. Google Trends is another amazing tool to be updated about the latest buzzes in the world.

Make a special folder for YouTube on your computer and create a text file there. Whenever a new idea hits you, scribble that there. After a few days, you will feel like you got the never-ending pot of ideas.

Now that you have a topic to make a video, you should rack your brain for a content strategy or a way to present your idea.

Do you want to show yourself or any other thing around you in the video? Then, you want a camera.

Oops! You don’t have a camera?? Start with the smartphone you have!

Well, you can produce tons of videos without a camera. You just need to find copyright free visuals from the web. (If you know animation and you want to create a channel around it, you don’t even have to steal media files of others).

How should you present your idea? You can do it in multiple ways. There’s the direct way and there’s storytelling. At the beginning, you can try both ways.

Direct way:- You don’t make anything sugar coated. Just present what you have got.

Storytelling:- You begin dramatically and introduce the idea gently without sounding like sharing too many details. And, then you end cinematically. Most of the times, storytelling does wonders.

If you like fun and you think you can make others stay around you without yawning, you must try the second method.

Clickbaiting is one of the popular methods to draw more people into watching your videos.

Let me tell you an example.

I recently read news about Motorola taking a patent for a smartphone screen, which repairs by itself. You can make a video sharing the same news (without even showing yourself) with a title ‘This Smartphone Screen will Repair itself Once Cracked’. People might think the display is actually out. And, they jump on to see it. Of course, the views will be increased. But I don’t recommend this for long-term affairs.

Clickbaiting brings you more haters than lovers.

So yeah, you can upload videos now.

I know you are waiting for ‘how to earn money from YouTube by uploading videos’ part. Let me get straight to it.

Pro Tip:- Pick 3-4 keywords and use them naturally into the video description area. Don’t forget to add a few hashtags too. Don’t forget to upload a custom thumbnail as well.

Step 4: How to Enable Monetization on YouTube?

YouTube, being a Google product allows direct monetization only via AdSense (another platform from Google for publishers to make money displaying ads).

Follow the steps given below to enable monetization via AdSense for your YouTube channel.

  • Visit and hit My Channel from the left sidebar.
  • On top, you will get a link to Video Manager. Click on it.
  • Then go to Channel>> Monetization.
  • You will get a button there that says Enable. Once you click it, your videos will become eligible for monetization.
  • At this step, you will see their terms and policy. Tick all the three check boxes and hit I accept.
  • Now we have to link an AdSense account with your YouTube channel. Don’t worry! We can even apply for a new one. Click on Monetization again and select the link ‘associate an AdSense account’.
  • Maybe, you will be asked to connect an AdWords account. Don’t do anything but click next.
  • Here, you get an option to sign into your AdSense account or create a new one. Since you are unaware of monetization via AdSense, let’s go with the second one.
  • You have to enter all the details they ask. Google is ultra-strict about monetization. So, don’t you dare provide any fake data. Accept their terms and submit the application.
  • Finally, you need to verify your mobile number.

Boom! You just applied for an AdSense account. AdSense for YouTube gets approved easier than that for websites.

How Much Money You can Make from YouTube via AdSense?

AdSense for YouTube works on the principle of Cost Per Mile aka CPM that indicates the money we get per thousand views. It depends from channel to channel, niche to niche, area to area, and language to language.

Let’s take it as $1. Then, you will get $700 for every 100000 views and so on. The key is making videos regularly to notify YouTube algo that you are consistent.

What if You are not Interested in AdSense?

How to make money from YouTube without AdSense?

I don’t recommend you ditch AdSense because tons of people are making money out of it. You can try other ways too along with the conventional way of displaying ads.

What are other ways?

Have you heard of affiliate marketing? The first and foremost way I suggest for making money from YouTube without AdSense is affiliate marketing.

You can sign up for an affiliate account from Amazon or Flipkart or any other online store (ShareASale, Clickbank, Maxbounty, etc.). Then, create a viral video following all the guidelines shared above. Don’t forget to include the affiliate link to a product matching with the video. When people buy from your link, you get paid a percent.

The next way requires a comparatively popular channel. When you have at least a few thousand subscribers, you can reach out to brands offering a paid review of their products. It doesn’t always work. But when it works, you get money or their product for free.

You can even rent a space for advertisers in your video (like first 10 seconds).

Step 5: Promote Your Channel

In the digital world, marketers follow a 20:80 rule; the first 20% time for producing content and the rest 80% for promoting it.

You must create a unique account on every significant social media platforms for your channel. Share all your videos there. Ask your friends to do the same and follow your profiles. If you don’t mind spending a few bucks, you can try Facebook ads too.

Find niche Facebook groups. And, share your content there (make sure you don’t violate any rules from admin by doing so).

Try to land on some WhatsApp groups too (should be niche-centric).

Bonus:- Tools for YouTubers

Panzoid Clip Maker:- Do you find it extremely difficult to create intros for your YouTube videos? Don’t worry! Panzoid clipmaker has a few templates that will woo you.

Windows Movie Maker:- Even though it doesn’t offer too many advanced features, you can start your YouTube career with it. Many YouTubers started off with Windows Movie Maker. A URL shortening service to shorten your lengthy URLs. Once you create an account, you can track the number of clicks as well.

Amazon Affiliates:- You can sign up for Amazon affiliates to get unique links to products. Once someone buys from your link, you get paid.

vidIQ Vision for YouTube:- Uncovers every SEO detail of the videos you see as recommended and related. Helps you make your videos SEO friendly.

Evernote:- You might have heard this name already. It is a note taking application available for multiple platforms. For the same reason, you can keep the data synced across the devices.

Fraps:- If you want to record your screen, you can use this free tool.

Canva:- Canva is an online tool with a simple interface to create graphics. You can use it to generate YouTube thumbnails.

Audacity:- Want to do voiceovers for your videos? Can’t get a quiet place for it? Audacity helps you edit your audio files in every way you want.

Wrapping Up

As you read earlier, you need to work consistently to bring your channel up. Regularity hints the algorithm to rank your videos higher in the search results.

I hope I covered everything a beginner YouTuber wants. Did I miss anything? Do you want to know anything more? Let me know in the comment section down below.


  1. That’s true Prince. We see more and more video promotion in YouTube and people find it really effective.

    Don’t know how well Adsense can perform to earn some decent money out of your videos in Youtube, but review videos and selling your own product must work great.

    Thanks for bringing in the topic into discussion.

    1. Yea, most Youtube channel owners use Google adsense for monetizing their Videos,and if its not performing well,most of them will not bu using it. Its nice to see you here again

  2. YouTube videos are really great ways of making money. You just need to know how to market the product through them.

    Thanks Prince for talking about the possible ways of making money through YouTube.

  3. Hello Prince,

    Great Share.!

    thanks for the informative and useful post. this post is really useful for who really making money online 🙂

    stay updated and stay rocking 😉 😛


  4. These are indeed great ways to make money on Youtube. Reviewing affiliate products and even monetizing the video with adsense is a great trick. You can even combine the three methods in one video and earn from multiple streams.

  5. unfortunately for me i cannot use my adsense since i was rejected. adsense is now stricter in terms of application. if youtube allows adsense alternatives, this site will serve as a more viable tool to earn money online since not all users have adsense accounts

  6. Useful post for those who want to make money online.

    Yeah, I know, it is possible to make huge money from you tube videos if we have Adsense account.

    One of my friend is earning decent income every month with it. He is suggesting me to do the same to earn more.

    I hope, I’ll implement it soon.

    keep sharing the information Prince 🙂

    1. Yea,ts better for you to start implementing it now ma because the competition is getting more fierce,thanks for coming here once again ma

  7. you will find how easy it is to make allot of money from YouTube without AdSense.

    AdSense is awesome way how to earn money but it is by far to time consuming to see your first income but with affiliate marketing instead you will see results quickly.

    1. I will advice you look for an affiliate program that accept under 18 and then promote them via your Youtube channel, more also, you can also get someone that is over 18 to sign up on your behalf. Happy Earnings, do let me know if you have further questions, I’ll be more than glad to help you out. Add me on Skype Via princeakinyemi_1

  8. i know it’s more than year scince the last comment. Its just I am still 17, and need to wait another year for adsnese, thanks to your post i signed up for qa number of posts…Thanks a lot
    My username is coolkid37811, i ve been on youtube for like 8 years now(with a break) but still haven’t got recognition. Would be glad if watched a couple of the videos and gave some feedback
    Thanks again 🙂

    1. Hey CoolKid,you can focus on Blogging and adsense, I will advice you get someone who is over 18 to sign up on your behalf, I’m checking out your youtube videos already, I will let you know what I think about them. Its nice to see you back here

      1. Thanks a lot 😀
        I have blog, but it gets occasional views, I don’t know how to get regular viewers….
        Here’s link

  9. hi, so i have a problem with my adsense account, so the problem is I used my gmail account to join adsense with my former website that doesn’t really have anything in it, so i wasn’t allowed to use the adsense, so now i have a youtube channel that i believe has enough detail on, but then i can’t change the websites…please i hope you understand and help …thanks

    1. Hello Andy, I listed to Reality( Watch it Crumble) and I was moved by the lyrics of the song, you are indeed a talented Artist, May the SOul OF your Departed Friend Rest in Peace.
      Back to the main Issue, I think the best way to make your Youtube Music get more views is to try send message to Youtubers with huge Music lover subcrivbers, there are also certain channels on youtube that are exclusively for Musics and Raps, you can message the channel owner and give them the permission to feature your music on their channel, Some of them might request for money but the end result in the long run is the massive popularity you will gain and this will assit in getting yourself a name in the Music industry thereby giving you more youtube views and more income in the long run

  10. Dude. I need help. can you help me, cause I need to do this so that I can support myself. My parents barely give me an allowance, and I cant find work, so help me find out what I am doing wrong. My channel name is ElderPvP.


    That is my first video I did, last year in October.
    I got banned from Google adsense because of the website I use to own, getting click bombed.
    I have unsuccessfully appealed it 12 times now.
    I’m looking to monetize my channel. And would really like ads adsense. Not sure how to get unbanned as I did nothing wrong.
    But, feel free to check out all my videos. Let me know what you think? Any suggestions, etc.

  12. Hey Prince I have been thinking to start youtube channel so is preparing for some video. This blog helped my understanding how to mak emoney on yotube. Thanks

  13. Hey man what’s up. I am a youtuber trying to make money off my videos but can’t use adsense because I don’t have a website. So i am finding other ways to money off of my videos. I found this and thought it pretty cool, I read and it didn’t make a whole lot of sense but I kinda got it. Here is my youtube username, hopefully you’ll find a way that can make me money. Username: Fire soul 15

    1. Can You Pls Share your Ghost Seeing Experience WIth ME? SOme of your videos looks cool, most especially you catching your Brother Stealing your Stuff, I can See Adsense Ads on your Videos Already, For Videos like That your Brother stealing stuff, you can include an affiliate Link to Amazon for people to buy the Camera that caught your Brother in Action and some other techy stuff that was used in Spying on Him

      1. hey why don’t you comment or like my vids. And if you liked my channel enough you could subscribe if you wanted.

  14. thanks for the tutorial it’s very helpful
    please can download another person video from youtube and still upload to make money

  15. Hey
    I am starting a youtube chanell about movie trailers and adsense is not avialable in my country.
    So what I do to make money??

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