When it comes to Earning  money online without investment, the possibilities are endless. I can still remember vividly, that the first time I was introduced into making money online, I was told I wouldn’t need any investment to get started, I was surprised and excited but at the same I was thinking deep inside within me that its impossible to earn money online without investment.

My doubt arose as a result of what I was taught in Economics, a subject I love while in school. My economics teacher do reiterate the fact that,you need money to make money

and I believed him because to me you can start any business both offline and online without putting in any investment.

So as time goes on, in my quest to earn money online, I discover that, investment is not limited to Only Money, it might be Time .

Going back to our main subject “ How to Earn money online without investment” is that really possible.

To most people, investment is all about Money, but to me, I believe investment should also be applied to time, because in online Business, the more time you dedicate to your business the more money you make.

So if you want to  make Money Online without any money investment, then here are some ways to achieve that:

  •  Earn Money Online As a Freelancer

A freelancer is one who gets paid to offer a service online, there are lots of freelancing sites, all you need do Is to sign up with them, apply for freelancing jobs and then you get paid, to me it is the simplest way to make money online without investment. You can also sign up with fiverr and then post your gigs for five dollars, so you get paid for each of your gig that is being ordered for

  • Earn Money Online As a Blogger:

Blogging is one of the most lucrative businesses you can engage in but you need to invest lot of time before you begin to reap the profit. All you need do to become a blogger is to point your browser to and then create a new blog, after which you can then start making money from Your Blog, most bloggers make money blogging online through pay per click affiliate programs, here they get paid for Ads clicks generated on their blog

  • Earn Money Online As an Affiliate Marketer

Becoming an affiliate marketer is damn easy, but promoting affiliate products can be laborious without you investing any money, you can read more about affiliate marketing heremake money online without investment or Download Affiloroma Affiliate Bluebrint Here to Learn More About Affiliate Marketing


I hope you are now convinced that it is possible to make Money online without any Money Investment, but you cant make money online without Time investment.

Of The three Ways I listed Above, which do You Think is more Easy and Lucrative??


  1. You’ve made a good point..but most people prefer blogging and as a matter of fact it’s the most interesting..but not easy though.

    Feel free to visit my blog too..

    1. Yea, most people prefer Blogging,perhaps because a Blog is a long term investment and when you are serious with it, it pays.
      I have check your blog bro, keep the wonderful work going

  2. Awsome Post Bro!
    Well, Blogging is the best option for me, Now-a-days Creating a blog almost takes negligible amount of money, Also you can create free blogs even..

    The main thing is that it takes time to earn by blogging!

    1. thanks Akshay, there is no business in this world that doesnt require time before you can make money from them,patient and perseverance will always boost your morale if they are present

  3. Well,the post was cool..but I will like to make apoint here..there’s just no way u can make money online without investing both time and money….First u need ur own laptop(alot of money), then a modem for browsing, then u’ll have to buy data plans everytime u want to go online(abi u do browse for free?)..The more time u spend online,the more money u spend bcos ur megabytes will continue to depreciate as u open new my brother,let’s be factual..u cannot make money online without investing time and money. Thanks for the post as usual. You’re doing great..Arewa Lanre”The Grand Master”- Poly Ib.

    1. @Grand Master
      “First u need ur own laptop(alot of money)”
      Not true, if you already have desktop. That will do for now.
      “then a modem for browsing, then u’ll have to buy data plans everytime u want to go online(abi u do browse for free?)..The more time u spend online,the more money u spend bcos ur megabytes will continue to depreciate as u open new websites”
      I don’t what country you live in or what company provides your service, but that really sucks for you. I pay $35.00 a month for my internet. It came with a modem and they don’t charge for opening new browsers(no new data plans) or if I stay on the internet too long. I wouldn’t count that as a business investment because I’m going to need the internet regardless. Anyways Great post prince,keep it up.

  4. You made a great list.A well written blog post.From this list I would like to choose Becoming a freelancer is best.Because I made money as a freelancer.I worked on fiverr and made around $376.One of the main attractive feature of fiverr is that it is free to join and 100% trusted.You can really skill your talent there.At first I was too scared about fiverr I thought it maybe another online scam.But at last I realized they are very trusted when they transferred money to my account.

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