Taskmine.club Scam Review

Taskmine.club is the latest scam on the internet. I was on whatsapp the other day and a good friend of mine shared with me a referral link  to taskmine.club. Before then, I’ve gotten tons of email from people asking me why taskmine.club  didn’t pay them or if taskmine.club  is actually a scam. So, I decided to write this short scam review on taskmine.club .

Before now, I have written tons of article on how to earn money online, I have also warned my readers severally not to waste their precious time promoting sites like taskmine.club which is nothing but another scam.  Without much ado, here are the reasons why we believe taskmine.club is a scam.


Taskmine.club Is a Scam? Don’t fall for it

  1. No Reasonable Source of Income

This is quite appalling. Taskmine.club promise to pay you for each friend you refer to them but what they fail to tell you is where the money they will use in paying you will come from. They claimed the money is gotten from payments made to them through the traffic they get from advertisers. That is a LIE!! No advertiser will pay as much as 25$ for a single poor and non- converting traffic. The hard truth is that there is no free food in Freetown even Bill gates wouldn’t pay you as high as 25$ to refer just a friend to him. Other sites which actually Pay per referral have a reasonable explanation of where the money they will use in paying you will come from. Some only pay when your friend makes a purchase or completes an activity, and that’s what affiliate marketing entails.

  1. Poor Web Design

When my friend shared the link with me, I actually signed up via the link just to have a sneak preview of the backend of  taskmine.club, many links such as the terms and conditions links and even the Faqs link are not functioning. The site itself has a very poor outlook. So why should a site supposedly paying thousands of dollars monthly to users be so poor to spend a tiny fraction of such payout fixing their website.

  1. No Address or Customer Service

More also, taskmine.club just like all other scam site out there that derives pleasure wasting people’s time is faceless. They don’t have a physical address neither do they have a customer service to answer your queries or reply to questions such as ‘’When will you be paid’’ etc.

  1. No one has ever Being Paid

I did a quick search on on Google about taskmine.club and I was not surprised to see that everyone is complaining of not being paid after making thousands of dollars with them.

The Hard Truth about taskmine.club

For the purpose of those that might be so curious as to why someone or a group of people will sit down and design a shady website such as taskmine.club, the truth is not far-fetched. Most of this people are actually making money by selling your email address to spammers. Have you ever wondered how Spammers and scammers get your email address? Know you know how.

If you truly wanna make money online, don’t hesitate to click here and read my post on how to make money Online.

On a final note, kindly share your experience with taskmine.club with Me using the comment form below.


  1. Very unfortunate and quite pathetic that a group of fools will sit and crank up fraudulent tricks on how to dupe innocent folks all in the name of been smart. People in the spirit of goodwill and sense of responsibility want to atleast for once make legitimate money online not knowing that they are falling into the hands of these hudlums who disguise as angels, well the repercussions awaits. Bottom line, it is all a scam good folks, please look elsewhere.

  2. I saw TaskMine.com and signed up. Started sharing the referrals and seeing the online earnings go up in a minute.

    I got the 300$ in a less than 2 hours then I discovered the website is completely static.

    Nothing is clickable, you cannot request any information.

    It’s a total scam


  3. mother fucking scammers i was in need of money and this is what i get when i get my hands on those bastards i will kill them

  4. Taskmineclub is not real. It is nothing but a S. C. A. M, my earnings have grown up to $398 but I can’t withdraw. Rather I end up getting ‘page not available ‘ message.

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