Fast Ways For Teenagers To Earn Money Online

There are several ways by which teenagers can earn money online and in this post, I will be taking you through 3 of such ways with which you can earning Money Online as a teenager, but before then. Let me tell you a low personal story on how I started Earning Money Online even as a teenager, though as at the time of writing this Post,I am still a teenager.

Right from my Younger age, I have always aspired not to work for any boss but for myself, it was during this period that I read “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” a book by Robert Kiyosaki, it was mind blowing and I will advise You to get it, if truly you want to learn How to earn money Online as a teenager and start your Own  online business.

So when I was 15, I became a freelancer on fiverr, but as times goes on I became a Blogger and for the since 2013, I became a full time blogger and have been making Money Online as a Blogger even though I’m still a teenager.

So to earn money as a teenager, here are the best ways by which you can do so:

Earn Money Online as a teenager By Blogging

The easiest way  through which teenagers can earn a decent income online is through blogging. For those who don’t know what a blog is , a blog is an online journal where you post articles. Basically, there are several ways by which teenagers can make money online from blogging, the most common method people use in making money blogging is through the display of Google Adsense ads, other ways include but not limited to Affiliate marketing.

There are several myths and  misconception about blogging, while many people think blogging is highly laborious, I personally think it is the most reasonable way  for teenagers and kids to make a passive income online . As a teenager, I believe you are still in high school or college and still probably busy with your education, all you need is just about 3 hours of your time per day blogging and with consistency, I can assure you that you can start making thousands of dollars online every month.though it is laborious, but it is very lucrative.

Steps Involved in Making Money Blogging As a Teenager

I started my first blog when I was about 16 years of age, I was still in high school and even though I made several mistakes then due to the fact that there was no one to guide me on what i should and shouldn’t do, my first blog failed after a couple of months even though I was lucky to make a couple of hundreds of dollars from it.make Money online student The reason why i am telling you this is that, in every business, including online business, failure is bound to happen, but the most important thing is learning from your failures and waxing stronger after each failure. Starting up a blog is not really hard, but here are the most important thing you need to do:

  1. A niche: The first thing you need to know if you really wanna make money online blogging as a teenager is to know what a niche is and choose one for your blog. In a layman term, a niche basically means the topic you want your blog to be centered on. This particular blog is majorly centered on how people can make money online  and as such I will say I am in the make money online niche, blogs about Trypophobia and other type of phobia can be said to be in the Phobia Niche, if you would love to learn more about Niches and how you can probably choose one for your blog, the following posts will be of immense help.

2. A Blogging Platform: Once you have decided on the niche you want dive into, the next thing involved to make money online as a teenager from your blog is to choose a blogging platform.

3. Design and Create your Blog: This involves the creation of your blog on any of the platform you’ve choosen, but I will personally advice you to use the WordPress platform. Setting up your blog might be a daunting task, fortunately,, I have  a freelancer that can assist you with that, he charges just $50 for blog creation and design, he will also supply you with about 10 post ideas you can start up with, if you will be needing a wordpress blog, ensure you’ve purchase a domain name and Hosting Account from Bluehost so as to make your blog creation easier.


Earn Money Online as a Teenager Freelancing

Freelancing Involves offering services Online and being paid for it. As a teenager, freelancing can serve as source of online earning, you can also combine it with Blogging, so as to serve as a two way earning for you. Though, there is now a huge increase In the Number of freelancers we have in the world, and as such, freelancing is becoming Less Lucrative.

So in summary, to earn money online as a teenager, You should either become a Blogger or a freelancer,all other making money online scheme such as Link referrals, Pay To Click,  etc are a waster of time and I wouldn’t advice any teenager that wants to make money online to go into any of them.

As a teenager , you must also  learn  to schedule your time so that your quest to make Money Online will not affect your education or other important aspect of your life. I will advice you to lay your hands on books about time management. Personally, for me, I spend about  a total of three hours per day blogging. The first one hour 30 minutes (Usually very early in the Morning) is  dedicated to writing articles on my Blogs, the remaining half is spent sharing my blog links on Forums and on social Media. Timer management is really very important. Wishing you success.






  1. Prince, This is a lovely post. There are a lot of things teenagers can do to earn money from home. Blogging is one career they can develop and groom it till it becomes a full time income earner for them.

    Besides, they can make use of micro-job sites like fiverr, dollar3, tenbux, gigbucks, etc to make some money also.

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  3. Good advice. Try doing surveys online. Youcan actually make some decent money and sit on your butt lol. Ive been using one site for a few months and they are fantastic.

  4. Now my son won’t be wasting all of his time on facebook. I’m gonna help him how to be a good and independent part-time job taker.
    Thanks !

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