The Cheapest Way To Get/Buy Facebook Like To Your Fanpage

How to Buy Cheap Facebook Likes

I’ve been getting series of request from bloggers and facebook users who want to know How and where they can buy or get cheap facebook likes to their facebook fan page or photo and so I decided to put together this post .

There are several ways by which one can get likes to a facebook fanpage, but in this post, I will be taking you through two of such ways

Get Facebook Likes With Facebook Ads

Any avid reader of this blog will know that I am a diehard fan of facebook ads, I have written several post on this blog in the past on how to create facebook ads and even make money with cpa using facebook, so my first advice to anyone who would love to get cheap and targeted likes to his or her fanpage is to make use of facebook Ads.

So to get cheap facebook Like to your facebook fan page, the first thing to do is to find facebook pages that are related to your Niche. Let’s say you have a fanpage that is related to Weight Loss, you should find other fanpages that focus on the weight loss niche.For the purpose of this Post, I will be making use of the “News and Entertainment” Niche. I have a news blog –, it’s a blog that focuses mainly on news for Nigeria, So lets assume I want to get a cheap facebook Like to Dailynaijanews fanpage, the first thing I will do is to find fanpages which as lots of Nigerians as fans, there is a facebook tool that allow to do so,its called “Audience Insight”. It is located at the Right hand side of your facebook ads Dashboard.

So, the first thing I will do is to put Nigeria as the country, you can put any country(ies) where you want your fans to come from., then under “Interest” also ensure you add keywords related to your Niche. Here, Newspapers,News, will be my own interest

Get Cheap Facebook Like 1

Then Click on “Page Likes”, scroll down a bit to see pages related to Nigeria and my keywords.

facebook cheap likes 2
So all you need do is to copy down this Top Ten pages in your Notepad.

Go back to the right hand side and Input your top ten pages as your Interest

buy cheap facebook like 3

You can choose Gender and Age Brackets If you Like.


After that, go to the top right hand corner and Click on Create Ad

A box will appear, choose “Use Ad Create Tool”


You will be redirected to a New Page, Choose “Promote Your Pages”

facebook like 4

Select the page You want to get More Likes for and Click On “Continue”


The interests you typed in the other time and Locations Should be Filled Automatically, all you need do is just to scroll down to your budgets and input your budget, mine is $5 daily. So it means, I want facebook to give me $5 worth of Fans everyday,

budget for facebook fan like

Scroll Down a Bit and upload a superb image for your Ads, you can also add a short description of your page in the description box

Click On Place order, and Viola, you start to get Cheap facebook Likes to your Fanpage


Buy Cheap Facebook Likes From Fiverr

For those who will not want to go through the Stress of creating facebook ads to get cheap facebook Likes, you can go to fiverr and order for facebook Like for just $5

I don’t like getting facebook Likes from Fiverr. Most of those who sell Facebook Likes on FIverr are only after getting your $5, most of the likes they will give you are untargeted and at times they steal your fanpage from you by removing you as the admin. Have you seen a Fanpage with Millions of Fans,yet struggles to get 100 likes on their Fan Posts?

You can click here to get Facebook Likes from Fiverr


Let Me Get you Facebook Fanpage Like

I have over 5years of experience with Facebook and I know how to get cheap and targeted likes on facebook for a penny, why not click here to contact me and tell me the numbers of fanpage Likes  you want to your facebook Page and I will reply you with the cost implication.

If you have any other question related to getting facebook likes to your fan page, why not make use of the comment form below and I’ll reply you asap



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